In what might become the ultimate fashion statement of 2023, Teradek has released a new Prism Mobile Backpack to help videographers find the perfect 5G mobile broadcasting solution for 4K HDR video.

With a sleek and functional design sure to give broadcasters unlimited sex appeal, this new Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack really should be a great solution for video broadcasters looking to run-and-gun with connection security and ease.

Let’s take a look at this mobile backpack and go over how it could be the perfect (and stylish) solution for anyone looking to take their broadcast with them in the field or on the fashion runway.

The Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack

All jokes aside, this is actually a pretty cool solution to a constant problem in remote broadcast, in particular for those operating as one-man bands or set off to shoot solo. (If we’re being honest, with broadcast video not being what it used to be, oftentimes camera operators are asked to run and gun.)

What’s great about a backpack setup is that you can really treat your gear as a getaway bag and be ready to go whenever the need arises or a call comes in. With its 4K bonded cellular encoder and packing space for up to 4x Node 5G modems, this Prism Mobile Backpack should be fully equipped to make the best use of the latest Teradek equipment.

Plus, you’ll look pretty cool rocking this pack on your back instead of lugging around several gear cases or trying to find parking for your car or van.

Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack

The Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack

Credit: Teradek

Designed for News and Live Events

According to Teradek, this new Prism Mobile Backpack is very much designed specifically for those in the global news-gathering industry who need to broadcast out in the field and feed live video back to their headquarters studios, or directly to a designated destination.

A secondary audience for this mobile backpack might simply be everyone else who works in live event coverage as well and the Prism Mobile Backpack should be well equipped to upload recordings from the field directly to any camera-to-cloud platforms like, Sony Ci, Sony C3P, etc..

Depending on your setup and production needs, you can also easily access the bag to swap modems, encoders, and batteries to keep your footage flowing for longer events and coverage, as well as monitor and distribute all of your feeds directly from Teradek’s Core Cloud platform.

Price and Availability

Sadly, we don’t have an exact price just yet for this flashy fashion number as Teradek only has it available via direct sales contact on their site. However, if this broadcast video accessory catches your eye, who’s to say what the cost of such an eye-catching fashion statement is to you.