Way, way, way back in 2016, we covered the launch of a tool for throwing your GoPro. Now the original creators of that tool, AERVIDEO, are back with a revised version of the throw your GoPro tool and, even more fascinating, a tool that is going to let you safely throw your phone.

Now, obviously, this is mostly a recreational tool for fun times with friends and family. There isn't anything wrong with that, of course—fun with friends and family rules.

But we also think it's good to keep stuff like this on the radar for when absolutely bonkers shots come up in your prep and you are thinking about how you want to cover them.


If you are planning any action, sports, or chaotic shoots coming up, it's entirely possible that there is going to be a shot you want to get that is frankly best covered by throwing your iPhone 13 Pro (in Cinematic Mode, of course) directly at your subject and getting that journey. 

And for those shots, the AERVIDEO Throw Your Phone may just be the tool you need.

Check out the Kickstarter now with a ship day of April 2022.