Capture Natural Colors With Tiffen's NATural ND Filters

Credit: Tiffen
Tiffen's NATural ND filters cover the full spectrum with a consistent neutral image. 

Color shift, IR contamination, and the challenge of full-spectrum light coverage are just a few of the issues that cinematographers and still photographers face when shooting with a modern digital camera. Tiffen has designed their NATural ND filters with those issues in mind.

Tiffen designed the NATural ND filters to maintain most colors neutrally so that shooters capture exactly what they see. By not adding any tints, such as blue or gray, the subject’s image is displayed in its natural form, just as the light hits it, while the ND filter takes off any harsh edges. 

Moreover, the NATural ND filters are able to maintain a proper balance between IR and UV light by blocking the full spectrum of light evenly. The NATural ND’s dual-layer arrangement reflects IR light with one layer while allowing visible and UV light to pass through. The result is not only a uniform image projected to the sensor, but IR contamination becomes a distant memory.

Tiffen achieves this feat by sandwiching their filters between two pieces of Water White Glass, which protects the ND from damage. Known as ColorCore, the process prevents the coating from wearing out over time. Should the filter become scratched from day-to-day use, a simple buffing will bring the glass back to spec without endangering the ND coatings underneath.

NATural NDs come in two sizes, also available as screw-inCredit: Tiffen
And shooters who rent their ND filters can be confident that the NATural ND system will be consistent over the extended use of the shoot and with multiple camera setups. From the lens, the image the cameraman sees will be the image on the screen. This reduces the time spent color correcting for chromatic aberration.

With a cool, bronze-like sheen that doesn’t affect the image streaming to the processor, the Tiffen NATural ND filter is built to last, making it a must-tool for capturing that professional image.

NATural screw-in optionsCredit: Tiffen
The NATural ND Filters filters are available in two sizes with a density range from 0.3 - 2.1 (1-7 stops). The 6.6x6.6" starts at $629, and the 4x5.65" starts at $429. Tiffen also makes a less expensive screw-in version of the filter designed for lenses that can attach a filter via the front element.

There are options for 46mm on up to 82mm which covers a wide variety of lenses for mirrorless and DSLR shooters. The screw-in versions are priced between $100-$150, fitting anyone's budget. 

If you're new to the Tiffen name, they offer a ton of filter options. One of our favorites is the Black Pro Mist series which controls highlight flares and adds a subtle pastel look to the image. 

Have you used the NATural ND filters from Tiffen? If so, let the community know what you think about them.      

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screw-in link seems to be broken

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yeap, links to the page from your admin panel... I removed the first strings, left only from on, and it worked.

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I've always wanted to get some ND filters for my 5DIV but I would need a filter set for each lens so filters like these new NATural ND filters might be a better option for the one size fits all thing.

April 21, 2021 at 12:57PM

Nick Straub