Even if you're not a huge fan of film remakes, something tells me you're going to dig this.

You know the third iteration of Pixar's Toy Story franchise—the one where Woody and the gang are taken to a daycare facility where Buzz speaks Spanish, Lotso turns out to be a psycho, and all of Andy's toys accept death as they descend into an incinerator? (Which always makes me cry like a baby.)

Well, two brothers, Morgan and Mason McGrew, set out to recreate it, and we're talking a shot-for-shot remake here, people—a full-length feature film that employs stop-motion animation and the film's original audio to bring actual Toy Story toys to life. It took them eight years to make, but finally, Toy Story 3 IRL is here and it is glorious.

Watch it below.

Now this is a remake worth its runtime.

Moviegoers are used to remakes. We've seen some of our favorite films, like Psycho, Total Recall, and Oldboy, go through the strange process of getting made over for modern audiences, complete with modernized references, new paint, and updated technology—like Chucky going from a classic murderous pull-string doll to a high-tech A.I. killing machine in last year's Child's Play.

While it'd be completely unfair to compareToy Story IRL to remakes that went through the gauntlet of Hollywood film production, wrote a brand new script, added some original content, and then failed with audiences at the box office, I think this film does what a lot of us wished remakes would actually do: allow us to feel the way we did about the original.

And yeah, doing a shot-for-shot remake with the original audio is a pretty on-the-nose way to do it, but still...Toy Story 3 IRL is a lot of fun to watch. It's Toy Story, but it's kind of not. It's the original but it's also something new.

Oh, and if you're wondering, yeah...I cried at the incinerator scene. So, you know, I think this thing did its job.

Source: Toy Story 3 IRL