Look, when it happened on Game of Thrones, we were all shocked. And then by the end, it was still gross but we sort of understood it in the context of this broken world. But TV is getting a little freaky with all the incest storylines. In a recent Entertainment Weekly, writer Samantha Highfill begs showrunners to "stop with the almost-incest plots." And she makes a strong case! 

I had forgotten that the semi-incestuous plotline dates back to the early 2000s and The OC, where  In season 2, Ryan is dating Lindsay, who is revealed is actually Caleb's illegitimate daughter, meaning she's Kirsten's half-sister and therefore, Ryan's step-aunt. Yeah, that's a lot to unpack, but the characters keep dating until she moves away. I get that step-siblings might be big in your search tab, but it's a twist that makes things really weird. 

No one's family tree should just be a stump. 

Another weird one is the Barry and Iris relationship on The Flash. While not related by blood, they grew up together in the same house, adopted the same traditions, and were raised like siblings... who exchange some Flowers in the Attic glances once in a while. 

Some of these are tropes, but we should really retire them. Like on this new season of Dexter when his long-lost son shows up and falls for his girlfriend's stepdaughter... it feels like we're just trying to have fewer characters, But it also feels really icky when they all spend Christmas morning together, and father and son are snuggling mother and daughter. The parents falling for each other while kids fall for each other thing does not feel fresh anymore. It feels weird. 

Let's not forget Dexter's previous relationship with his stepsister in the series' original run! Which was also weird!

We saw this in Riverdale as well, when Jughead and Betty literally shared a room at one point because their parents were together, and then they dated. Again, this feels too convenient for the story. It's salacious but also seems one step over the line. I understand shock value, but things that take us out of the story. And when they seem to trend across television it can also feel a little trite.

In this modern era of blended families, I get that there might be some sexual tension overlaps, but because it never usually comes up (how is Game of Thrones the only show where someone says this is weird), it's starting to feel pretty creepy with TV families. 

Got other examples of this? Let us know in the comments.