How do you watch TV? Like many people, I bet you stream it. In fact, how many people do you know who watch traditional TV anymore?

As younger generations get older, they're sticking with streaming. and older generations are disappearing, meaning the traditional way of watching TV is dying out as well, and in an unprecedented fashion.

July 2023 marked a historical event. Variety is reporting that for the very first time, the collective usage of broadcast and cable TV dropped below the 50 percent mark, according to findings from Nielsen.

That means that more than 50 percent of people are not watching broadcast or cable TV. They just stream everything.

YouTube and Netflix now make up a record-breaking 38.7 percent of the overall TV watching in the U.S.

Streaming Crosses and Unprecedented TV LandmarkStreaming, cable, and broadcast numbers. Credit: Nielsen

The above graph shows just how popular streaming is as compared to broadcast and cable, and it breaks down the percentages of who is watching what.

The "other" category encompasses video on demand (VOD), audio streaming, video gaming, as well as Blu-ray/DVD playback.

It is hard to actually think about the amount cable costs. While we have knocked streaming for basically reinventing cable, the ability to pick what you want and to cancel channels is much nicer than scrolling, even if it leads to a lot of indecision.

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Source: Variety