In an emailed press release, Vazen has officially rolled out the 50mm T2.1 1.8x anamorphic lens, which is capable of covering large-format sensors and is available in an interchangeable PL or EF mount. 

The 50mm T2.1 1.8x is Vazen's second full-frame anamorphic. The 85mm T2.8 1.8x was released last year, and during that time the company suggested it would also release a 55mm and 105mm in the future. Obviously, that's changed a bit with the 50mm T2.1, and instead of a 105mm, they will be releasing a 135mm in the coming months. 

Vazen_50mm_1Credit: Vazen

The 50mm T2.1 1.8x shares design characteristics of the 85mm with a consistent 86mm front filter thread and 95mm front diameter for matte boxes.

Both released lenses are capable of covering RED Monstro, Alexa LF, Kinefinity Mavo LF, and Z-CAM E2-F8. While Vazen hasn't provided an exact image circle measurement, they say it can cover RED Open Gate and Alexa LF Open Gate so it must be at least 46.31mm. 

In terms of size, the 50mm comes in at 3.42 lbs (1.55kg) and is 5.24" long (, making it one of the smallest full-frame 1.8x anamorphic lenses available. For perspective, the Cooke 50mm T2.1 1.8x has a length of 8". The compact lens makes it easy to balance on gimbals and handheld rigs. 

The lens is built from an aluminum design with independent focus and aperture rings that feature standard 0.8 mod gears for easy lens changes on set. For close focus work, the lens has a 3.6 feet (1.1 m) minimum focusing distance. 

Tito from Anamorphic on Budget was able to review the lens, and the footage looks good. In the video above, you can see the flares are more blueish than cyan and when shooting 4:3, the 1.8x squeeze produces a wide 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

It's clear Vazen is looking to be the inexpensive alternative to Cooke anamorphics, which is a good angle to take. There are not many full-frame anamorphic lenses available without a hefty price tag above $10,000. The Atlas Orion lenses come to mind, but they are 2x. Same with the Xemuls Apollo which are around $12,000 for each lens. 

The Vazen 50mm T2.1 1.8x retails for $8,000, making it an inexpensive alternative for shooters. The company is also offering a $2,000 discount when purchasing both the 50mm and 85mm via its website

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