So far, one of the most fun movies of the year has been Everything Everywhere All at Once, the multiverse action dramedy from Daniels. The movie took us on a wild journey from an IRA office all over existence, and left us with memorable scenes such as a universe with hotdog fingers and butt plug weapons. 

But when it came to things they had to cut out, Daniels said this one was "one of the toughest scenes to cut out."

Check out this video from Lionsgate Movies.

In the clip, Michelle Yeoh's character finds herself in a new existence as a talking string of pasta living in a pot of boiling water. Inside, she meets an elbow noodle who introduces himself as Spaghetti Baby Noodle Boy. 

Like many deleted scenes, this one was kind of slow and definitely broke up the frenetic pacing of the movie, and I think it maybe distracts from the story of her character and her daughter. Still, there was so much creativity and excitement in these worlds. We get the full pantheon of possibilities and limitless imagination. If anything, this should inspire your own worldbuilding.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once is now available to purchase on 4K Ultra H, Blu-ray, and DVD from A24 and Lionsgate.