When it comes to the apocalyptic Wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max universe, everything can feel transactional. Bullets, gasoline, basic essentials of human survival? Traditional currency might be a thing of the past, but you still gotta pay somehow.

Lucky for us we still live in a (mostly) civilized society, and sometimes we get some cool freebies. While a bit more of a tease than a true altruistic gift, Fandango graciously released the first 10 minutes of Furiosain honor of its VOD release. No bartering required.

Is this ultimately a marketing move to get you hooked to watch more? Absolutely! But, hey, it's still fun to have a little chunk of such a wonderful movie at arms length for zero dollars. Plus, with a movie this cool, I'm all about Fandango pushing to get a larger audience hooked on the Furiosa supply.

Whether you've already seen it, or need a little more convincing to check it out, here are the first 10 minutes below. Enjoy!