Why 'The Crown' Takes Liberties with Historical Facts and You Should Too (Because It’s All Fiction)

'The Crown'
'The Crown'Credit: Netflix
The UK's Culture Secretary is coming for your content.

This week on the No Film School Podcast: a COVID testing site gets shut down to make way for a Hollywood film shoot, while The Crown takes liberties fictionalizing historical events and the public must be warned accordingly. We also discuss why the New York Times’ “Greatest Actors of the 21st Century" list is somewhat problematic by nature... and let’s be honest, a bit too early to call?

In Tech News: the awesome benefits of the iPhone software Filmic Pro and its new updates.

For Ask No Film School: how do you convert the frame rate of your footage? Enjoy—and as always, thank you for listening!

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by George Edelman, Charles Haine, and Jeffrey Reeser.

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You finished your discussion of "The Crown" by stating "..it's trying to create THE emotional truth." ".... THE ecstatic truth" (emphasis is mine.) I emphasize the article THE in your remarks because "the" indicates a number and that number is one. You must be quite expert on the subject of the "truth" about the Windsors if you can identify the Netflix series as being the purveyor of that one truth. Had you spoken of "AN" emotional truth and "AN" ecstatic truth, I probably would have thought that you knew something about the relationship between stories and truth.

December 3, 2020 at 8:57PM, Edited December 3, 9:07PM