Everyone's belt has been tightened during this quarantine time. Work is scarce and in Hollywood, with production slowed, it can be hard to make ends meet. Screenwriting software tends to be expensive, and while writing is the one free thing you can do while stuck inside, you need it to look professional on the other side. 

That's why it is so amazing to see that WriterDuet is giving a $50 discount on their software to the first 200 people using a code. 

We're all struggling and this is an excellent opportunity to pursue your dreams without breaking the bank. 

$50 in free credits for writers who need financial assistance!

So what does $50 off get you? 

It covers 4 months of WriterDuet Pro's monthly plan ($11.99/mo), or more than half off of a full year of the annual subscription ($89/year).

If you're a student, it gets even better. Your $50 discount is added to the half-off student discount, so an entire year of the annual plan is free!

WriterDuet says, "We'd like to stay in business, so we're only offering a limited supply of these free credits until we see what happens. Our objective is to put these out in good faith that only writers who need the help will take advantage. That way our revenue won't fall off a cliff, and we can keep doing cool stuff to help writers while also paying rent on an office we're not allowed to use! And payroll... our employees voted in favor of that (it was a nail-biter)." 

Claps for this amazing opportunity. 

But discounts are disappearing fast. 

They started with 200 credits, but promise to keep them rolling so long as it does not adversely hurt the company.

You can get the credits HERE.

The 200 credits are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please only request them if you actually need the help.