Fans of the pint size cinema camera, the Z Cam, get ready because the next generation of the E series is looking pretty badass. Z Cam made its announcement on April 1st...which made it so difficult for users to figure out if it was a hoax or not that the company had to issue a statement after April Fools stating that, see, it's not April Fools anymore, so, therefore, it's not a hoax and we're not playing a prank on you.

But I digress. Where was I?

Oh yeah, the new Z Cam might've seen the MFT 4K version floating around for a little while selling for a cool $2000. However, the big news is that the Z Cam will soon come in a variety of flavors, including Super 35mm and full frame sensors, as well as 6K and 8K shooting capabilities.

And the specs are pretty remarkable.


Z_cam_e2_f6Z Cam E2 F6

Z_cam_e2_f8Z Cam E2 F8

Tech Specs

The only official (looking?) list I could find were for the Z Cam E2-S6, which is the Super 35 6K version. These babies were buried deep in a photo album on Z Cam's Facebook page. (It wasn't really was the third most recent, but whatever.)

Some highlights are 6K and 8K 10bit ProRes recording to CFast cards, a max bitrate of 230 Mbps for 4095 x 2160, and 10bit H.265 and 8bit H.264 support.

56161389_786653811720679_2593798546113167360_oCredit: Z Cam - Facebook

According to Andrew Reid over at EOSHD, the new Z Cam E2's are set to hit the market in October of this year. Pricing looks pretty steep for a camera brain, but it'll be interesting to see how Z Cam holds up against its obvious competition, the Kinefinity MAVO which sells for $8000.

  • E2-S6: $3995 (Super 35mm sensor, 6K)
  • E2-F6: $4995 (Full frame sensor, 6K)
  • E2-F8: $5995 (Full frame sensor, 8K)

Z Cam will be at this year's NAB, so check back for more news on this exciting camera.