ZEISS has rolled out three new high-speed, full-frame lenses in its Supreme Prime line, which are popular among high-end productions. The 18mm T1.5, 40mm, T1.5, and 200mm T2.2 join 11 other fixed focal lengths between 15mm and 200mm that tout a maximum aperture between T1.5 to T2.2 making them ideal for low light conditions.  

The Supreme Primes were introduced in 2018, and since, ZEISS has released a Supreme Prime Radiance variant that gives shooters more control over flare. The lenses have a 46.3mm image circle capable of covering Sony VENICE, ARRI Alexa LF, and RED Monstro cameras. As you'd expect from a high-end cine lens, all the mod gears are at the same length for easy exchange between focal lengths on the camera.  Depending on the focal length, it will either have a 95mm or 114mm front diameter, with focal lengths from 21 - 100mm carrying a 95mm front diameter. 

The lenses come in around 3.5 lbs, making them some of the lightest cine lenses available, but are rugged enough for adverse conditions. Like the other Supreme Primes, the new lenses are equipped with the ZEISS extended Data metadata. It's technology similar to Cooke /i or ARRI LDS, but it's going to provide frame-by-frame lens data for vignetting and distortion. This type of lens data is especially useful for VFX and virtual productions, which are increasing in popularity the last ten years.  

The three new lenses are expected to arrive this September. The 15mm T1.8 Supreme Prime previously announced will be available mid-2021.

ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo

ZEISS will be opening its doors virtually from July 15-17 with an online tradeshow, allowing anyone to get a closer look at the Supreme Primes. The event will be interactive with live presentations and and opportunities to ask questions to the ZEISS team. It aims to start at 7PM ET / 4PM PT. You can check it out here at www.zeiss.com/cine/virtualexpo.

Source: Zeiss