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Seen: Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution

02.3.10 @ 12:00PM Tags : , , ,

Interesting look behind the scenes of the first feature(s) shot on RED, Steven Soderbergh’s diptych Che. The Criterion Collection version of the film was released last week, and it includes a recounting of the frantic scramble to get the RED cameras ready in time (hint: they weren’t ready, and shooting had to be pushed a week):

Soderbergh also chimes in on the “pissing contest” of increasing resolution, which I’ve also mentioned as overblown after seeing Che projected digitally in 2k at New York’s 1100-seat Ziegfeld theater. And stay tuned for the end of part 4, where Soderbergh — a major DIY filmmaker, who shoots and edits many of his films himself — discusses how the advent of digital editing is affecting films holistically.

[via FreshDV]


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