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From NAB: Some really expensive cameras

04.14.10 @ 12:00PM Tags : , , ,

FreshDV is Johnny-on-the-spot this year at NAB (actually, they are every year), so for their complete coverage head on over to their site (and stay tuned to their twitter for the latest from the show floor).

Here are two digital solutions from two companies (ARRI and Aaton) transitioning from film to digital. Yes, their pricing is stratospheric compared to DSLRs (and even RED), but they’re priced-to-rent rather than priced-to-own. The question is, will either of these cameras offer appreciably better image quality than a cheaper RED package?

ARRI Alexa


Aaton Penelope


Of course, for anyone budgeting a $60 million movie, the difference in rental cost between these cameras is negligible. However, other than the sensitivity, I’m not particularly impressed with their test footage (not to mention the poor editing):


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  • I think that the Aaton solution has an enormous advantage over RED and even Alexa: optical viewfinder and mechanical shutter. I like the idea of switching between mediums during the shooting.