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Finally Some Cheaper Batteries for Canon 5D and 7D Shooters

08.28.10 @ 2:50PM Tags : , , , ,

How’s that for an exciting thumbnail, right? This is only of interest for 5D Mark II, 7D, and forthcoming 60D shooters, but DSLRs gobble batteries at an alarming rate in movie mode. To date we’ve been faced with paying $70-$100 for each genuine Canon LP-E6 battery, or taking our chances with eBay models for $10. Until now…

While those $10 eBay batteries are cheap, they lack the internal computer chip that tells the camera how much power they have remaining. This makes them kind of a joke for professional use, but… you get what you pay for. However, these new Pearstone batteries work exactly the same as the Canon originals, but they’re $40 instead of $70. Upon closer examination, I see that the Pearstones are 1550mAh at 7.4V whereas the Canons are 1800mAh at 7.2V. However, this still makes the Pearstones a good option, as the Series 7 SL-E6 (another non-Canon alternative) is more expensive than the Pearstone — and it lacks the all-important memory chip. Anyway, enough on batteries — if you’re a 5D or 7D shooter and need a handful of batteries, these new Pearstones offer a $30 savings on each.

Link: Pearstone LP-E6 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


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  • Dan Nguyen (@wynddan) on 08.28.10 @ 3:17PM

    hmm i would seriously consider these. i bought two 3rd party batteries before for really cheap, which lack the internal chip, but they really suck now as they don’t hold a charge for long. Have you heard people having better luck with these?

  • I’ve got a couple on the way myself – but check the customer reviews at B&H, everyone says they’re great…

  • Will they charge on the Canon charger?

  • I had to get some batts quick for our 5D and 7D arsenal and picked these Pearstones up from B&H. I haven’t compared the two but I haven’t noticed a significant difference to not warrant the savings.

  • I just bought 2 of these batteries, I haven’t used these 2 yet, but I own 6 or 8 different Pearstone batteries (and chargers) and they work just as well as the Canons for almost 1/2 the price.

  • A VERY HIGH QUALITY Li-Ion 7.4V 2600mAh battery for radio control applications cost about $13. Remaining time can be calculated by monitoring voltage vs voltage under load. 30 cents max cost for a plastic enclosure and contact tabs. WHY does Canon need 800% markup on a battery?