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Panasonic Premieres AG-AF100 with Interchangeable Lenses and Uncompressed Output

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We’ve already heard most of the basic details about Panasonic’s AG-AF100, their Micro 4/3 camcorder that promises shallow depth-of-field images combined with pro video camera features. But the massive trade show IBC is currently taking place in Amsterdam, and Panasonic has chosen the event to make their official “global premiere” of the camera. Here are a couple of videos from the conference:

The AF100 — which is confusingly referred to as the AF101 in European countries — records at 24mbit/sec to SDHC and SDXC cards — which is half the bitrate of the hacked GH1. Filmmakers will thus want to shoot using the uncompressed HD-SDI out to a higher bitrate recorder like the Panasonic AG-HPG20 or forthcoming CF-based AJA Ki Pro Mini. Here’s DVXUser legend Barry Green shilling for Panasonic:

This camera has a lot of potential, and despite the smaller Micro 4/3 sensor, I’d expect the uncompressed output (not to mention aliasing-free video, pro audio inputs, and acceptance of PL-mount lenses) to make it the best post-DSLR camera out of the gate. That is, in its $6k price range — unless by some miracle RED releases their SCARLET anytime soon, or Sony targets the same pricepoint with their as-yet-unnamed pro version of the NEX-VG10 (which you can catch a glimpse of at the bottom of this post). And who’s to say that an enterprising hacker won’t find a way to raise the bitrate of the AF100 in-camera, without requiring an external recorder?

Link: Panasonic AG-AF100 Microsite
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  • Wow. I may have to invest in one of these. Do you think Panasonic will manufacture their own PL micro 4/3 primes?

  • That bitrate is terrible it really is. But you’re right, at least you have an option and with cheap outboard recorders like the Atomos Ninja it wouldn’t half be a monster of a camera.

  • if the encoder is good, the bitrate may be just about enough (not stellar, but not a problem either)

    the canons only need their high bitrates because the encoder is very poor

  • Phillipe Boom on 03.17.11 @ 7:55PM

    The bit rate is ridiculously dumbed down…and 4:2:0…WTF?