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Canon Doubles Rebates on HDSLRs, Now Offering Instant Discounts up to $400

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B&H has launched Double Instant Rebates for key Canon HDSLRs, offering an instant discount of up to $400 when you purchase a Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 1D Mark IV, or 60D along with a Canon lens (or flash unit). If you’re in the market for a lens as well as a DSLR, this effectively doubles their earlier instant rebate promotion. Here are the details:

Note the final discount of up to $400 will only be reflected in your cart once two eligible items are added. If click on this image you’ll see a long list of Canon lenses and cameras; add any two eligible items to your cart and you should see the double instant rebate appear.

Link: Canon Double Instant Rebate Promotion


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  • Hi there, i’m sorry, I’m not from the states, and we do not have this rebate thingys in my country of origin , how do this works? like a discount? or i have to pay in full and get money back?… or ..ehmm well if anyone can enlighten me…. and also b&h only exists in NY isn’t it?

    • They should shop just about anywhere — if you add the items to your cart, it should calculate shipping and in most cases even the VAT or other customs charges, so you’ll know what it would cost to buy from B&H. Then you can shop around and compare…

  • I claimed cash-back 2 years ago and they never paid anything to me. Canon owes me 150 pounds..
    i don’t recommend it.

    • These are INSTANT discounts — they aren’t mail-in rebates. They show up right away in the shopping cart.