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Clarifying Field of View, Depth of Field, and Crop Factors

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Stu Maschwitz has a very interesting post about creating a “Shot You Can Make Simulator” that is essentially a virtual playground in After Effects for simulating different field of view/depth of field/crop factors. More on that in a second — first, on the same topic, Philip Bloom has a video comparing the field of view on the new Panasonic AF100 and Sony F3. As you can see below, the same lens yields a different FOV thanks to the Micro 4/3 crop factor of the AF100 (18.8 x10.6mm), compared to the Super 35 chip in the Sony (23.6 x 13.3mm):

As is aptly demonstrated in this clip, the focal length of the same lens can yield a different field of view when used with different sized sensors. Indeed, if you’re curious about numbers, Barry Green has a chart for you. Going beyond the FOV demo, however, Stu has broken down one particular shot in AE, dividing up the different elements and creating a great demo of how a lens can affect the visuals. I don’t want to jack his post, so just head on over to his site — pay attention to the bokeh on the gun, the size of the gun/hand relative to the subject’s face, and the size of the subject relative to the background. Now if only Stu could make the After Effects project file into something releasable…

Link: Prolost – The Shot You Can Make


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