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Exclusive Limited-time Deal: Magic Bullet Quick Looks at a Whopping 75% Off

Regular readers know I’m a fan of Red Giant Software’s post-production plugins, as they offer a lot of value for the money (and that’s when they’re at full price). Because their tools are such a good match for DIY and indie filmmakers, this week I’ve got a special deal from the Red Giant folks: the color grading plugin Magic Bullet Quick Looks, normally $99, for only $25. 75% off. No catch. Quick Looks is a great way to get really dramatic results with just a click of the mouse. I can show you better than I can tell you:

Well, actually, Graeme Hutton can show you better than I can; here are his before and after shots using Looks:

Note Graeme was using the full version of Looks, which adds a lot of customization abilities and retails for $399. However, I’m pretty sure he was applying the above looks using the stock settings, so you should be able to achieve the same results using Quick Looks. if you purchase Quick Looks with today’s discount, you can upgrade to the full version of Looks for $299, so if you like Quick Looks and want the extra controls of Looks (of which I’m a user), you’ll still be saving $75 by using this coupon.

Quick Looks Coupon for 75% Off

This deal’s only good for a week. Quick Looks works in most NLE and effects programs on the market:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Express
  • Apple Motion
  • Avid Xpress Pro/Media Composer 5.6+,2.6+
  • Sony Vegas

As with the last Red Giant discount I posted (now expired), there’s no financial incentive in this for me — it’s just a good deal for you. I should include the official blurb here as well, though the example video and deep discount should be plenty convincing…

Give your footage just the right look in seconds, whether it’s a urban grunge, a desert sunrise, or the film stocks used in classic movies. Quick Looks is a light version of our full Looks tool with the same speed and quality at a lower price. You can define the style of your video or film by choosing from 100+ look presets to help set the mood for everything from a wedding to the next Sundance original.

Link: Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks


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  • Is that expiration date right?

    • I had forgotten a “1″ — it said June 6, now it’s been corrected to June 16. Thanks for the catch,

  • Will this work with adobe CS3?

  • What are the chances of this working with Final Cut Pro X?

    And would it just be better to learn a bit of colour correction?

  • I’m not trying to be a downer, but i have yet to see something that was graded in Magic Bullet Looks (even pro version) that looks filmic or professional; it’s all too extreme and the color science is a bit strange and harsh. I don’t know, maybe i’m wrong; somebody show me something? I’d love to be wrong about this.

    And i do understand it’s a matter of personal preference, but still, it looks like you just pushed a button, exactly what it says you can do. What’d be real impressive (even if unspiring or challenging) would be if you could push that button and have it look like it went through Pablo or DaVinci :)

    • For $399 or $99 (much less $25!), I don’t think anyone expects it to look like it went through a six-figure color correction system (plus the cost of an expensive colorist at the helm). That’s just unrealistic… this is a great tool for web videos and time-constrained projects where you want something that doesn’t look like video, but don’t have the budget/time to do anything more extensive. My $0.02.

      • for sure, i don’t want to sound ungrateful for what you were able to get for everyone, i’m just saying, to me, it looks even more videoish and unprofessional when people put it through looks, moreso than if they were just to have done it in final cut or color. if they don’t have those programs, then, by all means.

    • watch the BTS for the third and the seventh, I saw Alex Roman doing some serious magic with MBLooks over there
      (it’s somewhere on vimeo, can’t link to it right now)
      (that’s the full version, not this quick one)

  • Thanks so much for this Koo…. for someone just starting out in editing this is perfect for me!

    i love this blog

  • Great stuff Koo, well worth the $25. Thanks for making it happen.

    @Llama, I’m also wondering if it will be relevant for FCP X. Be pretty pissed off it isn’t!

  • hey man – good looking out – a lotta folks might just owe you one, or 7, depending on how long they’ve read your site for :-)

  • Well, following the newsletter link and seeing my own video on the page was a nice surprise!
    I can only agree that MBL is worth the $400, so MBQL will certainly be worth $25 pocket money.
    I bought MBL as soon as I started doing paid video jobs and I’m sure it paid itself off pretty quickly.

  • Buy it, then purchase Grinder or get the free Colorist. Then you have two Magic Bullet products which qualifies you for the Magic Bullet Suite 10 as an upgrade for $399 instead of forking out $799. It worked for me. Great value I reckon. Beats going out of Final cut pro to Color then back again.

  • Thanks Koo, excellent offer which I immediately took advantage of BUT hoping someone here can help because after installing I can’t get the damn thing to work on my FCP7…

    I should preface this by saying I also followed the install/support tips on Red Giants site re: repairing disk permissions etc. In FCP 7 I open the fx tab, go to Filters and I see Magic Bullet Quick Looks but when I open it, and/or drag the filter onto my clip there are no Looks present. In the “parameters” box beside “Look” all it says is “Register…” and “apply look” – I click “Register” and the Red Giant window appears (including my serial#) but it still refuses to work or give me any actual looks.

    Can anyone help? I’ve spent half a day trying to figure this thing out. Glad I only blew $25…

  • Problem fixed. I have no idea what it was… Tried a re-install and third time lucky it worked. Thanks Darius for the advice.

  • Bought it Thnx!

  • Mickey Jones on 06.13.11 @ 7:13PM

    Thanks for posting this offer. Just bought it. Not all 100 presets are useful but there are enough to make it well worth $25. I especially like the grainy old footage preset.

    I hope they make a similar deal on Denoiser but given its popularity, I’m not holding my breath.

  • :/ hmmmm i missed :( is ther any chance to buy it for 25$?

    • Its not too late mate! I just got my copy discounted today (16th). It probably runs out tonight at 12:00.

  • Darn – missed it by one day!! Ugh, figures, the one week I’m away and don’t check nofilmschool!