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Red Giant's 'Plot Device' Showcases Limited-Time, Limited-Budget Post-Production Tools

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When Red Giant Software released a teaser trailer for something called “Plot Device” last night, I mistakenly thought they were getting into script-writing applications. “Plot Device,” as it turns out, is in fact a 9-minute short film made for the purpose of showing off the new Magic Bullet Suite 11. Here’s the film in full, which as you can imagine features a lot of post-production “looks.” While some of these are over-the-top, they do a great job of demonstrating the extremes to which you can manipulate your images using the Suite:

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For more on the dollies and lens flares, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes look at the short’s production.

Link: Plot Device


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  • Randy Ubillos on 06.28.11 @ 9:47PM

    Truly pointless…exactly why people should NOT be using Magic Bullet, the Ed Hardy shirts of post-production.

    Most films don’t need such extreme color and the ones that do/did probably did not put as much thought into as the creator of said preset.

    For instance, who makes lame noir films these days? Most were bad when they came out and the world only remembers the decent ones from 50 fucking years ago.

    The only interesting post-noir films are the ones that play with convention…not stupid B/W effect filters and TERRIBLE VOICE OVER NARRATION.

    Shia Jr. here sucks.

    Let’s boot up some FCP X instead bra.

    • Randy, I wholly agree. Why save an hour of color work using a preset when you can do it yourself properly in a dedicated color correction program. When you’re done with that FCPX edit why don’t you send me over an EDL and I’ll do the color on something ‘real’ like Resolve… oh right no EDL support. Ok well I have Apple Color as well we can just round trip it… oh yeah sorry.. no XML. Well I guess I could learn how to color it in FCPX, I’ll just attach my broadcast monitor + scopes…. oh right no I/O card support. Well I guess you could do it on the computer screen and hope for the best, at least you can send the Audio to your Mixer while you do the grade to save some time to meet the deadline… oh right no OMF. I guess you’ll have to do it all yourself and tell that other producer it’s going to be another couple days before you can start on his next project.

      All joking aside, I’ve never used Magic Bullet Suite, but the presets they showcase look fine and are used in a great way despite their extremities. No one is REALLY going to slap on a bunch of presets without tweaking them for their footage unless they gotta get it out the door in ten minutes. Good promo all together, despite the awful VO haha.

  • Loved it!!! Great idea, great direction, great fx!!!

  • vashi nedomansky on 06.29.11 @ 6:59AM

    I love the concept and quick execution but agree that less is more. I own and use Magic Bullet Looks but only use what I need and build from scratch because the tools are so deep and I pick and choose what I need. I find the presets kill the original image with the intention of making a familiar, comfortable image which is fine. In the behind the scenes they showed the raw image during the Wes Anderson clip then the processed image…which looked like assballs. I thought the raw image looked amazing. One effect I refuse to use in Magic Bullet Looks is any form of Diffusion because it never looks realistic to anything on film. It’s so soft and low contrasty and I can’t think of any film ever that looked like that. I’m not poo-pooing MBL because its such an amazing tool…I just think for the best results you should pick and choose what you need…otherwise get ready for a boatload of indie projects that all look the same…

  • Let’s not forget it’s quite adjustable. I, too, do not appreciate the look of presets but it’s a good starting point to fine tune the overall look. Do not like the extreme color? Just turn it down.