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How to Import a Final Cut Pro 7 Project into Premiere Pro (Because You Can't Open It in FCP X... )

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Robbie Carman, co-author of the just-published An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, presents a tutorial perfect for those editors switching from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro. While I like a lot of things about Final Cut Pro X (more on that soon), the inability to open old project files is indefensible. The easiest transition path is actually to switch to Premiere Pro (50% off if you own FCP), choose FCP’s keyboard shortcuts within Premiere, and open your FCP 7 project files in Adobe’s NLE thanks to XML interchange. Here’s how to do it:

Link: An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro

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  • Quote from the video: “So, we found that it’s best to hand off a project from Final Cut Pro to PP in the beginning or initial stages of an edit.”

    Sure it “works,” but after a quick test in which media & sequence imported fine, but so many changes were made to my legacy edits that I’m thinking I might as well just rebuild projects from scratch. Oh well.

    • Yeah, works great if you use FCP as your strictly offline editing tool, but for the few projects that I actually finished in FCP instead of After Effects it doesn’t bring effects and transitions over properly all the time. However as a work around I’ve been doing mini video mixdowns of those troublesome clips/areas with effects etc and bringing the resulting clip into the PPro file. Then remove all the effects and just bring the underlying clip(s) and drop it in ppro on a disabled track in line with the mixdown, this way I have the original clip there, as well as the final result. This works for me since I’ve never for any reason gone back in to a project to tweak an effect, usually I just go back to make a demo reel or find footage, so maybe your needs are different. It’s still a tiny bit of work, but not anywhere near rebuilding a whole project. Just a suggestion.

      • I work in small market television, commercials mostly, so there’s a lot of “hey, we need to replace 1 shot and add a crawl to a spot from 2 years ago” in my day-to-day work. Most of the projects are simple enough that rebuilding them isn’t a massive PITA, but a quicker workaround would have been nice!

        Of course we haven’t completely transitioned away from FCP and won’t in the near future, so it’s not a huge deal. We just happen to have both FCP & PP, just thought i’d give it a shot.

        • Ahh, I see. I’m in long-form doc broadcast mostly. Soon as that sucker is off to tape with M+E’s and Textless elements it’s up to the broadcasters to edit it how they need. The only time I go back into it for actual work is for a cut-down/time expansion for new versions, but usually we match up the online to save as much work as possible then let the online editor deal with the new content.

  • I had three FCP7 projects that I had to finish when X came out. Guess what, I finished them in FCP7. I’ve since started and finished a half dozen projects FCPX. Not sure what the problem is…

    I can’t live without Aftereffects, but I can tell you, with a reasonable amount of objectivity, that FCPX is the superior NLE.

  • So from the comments here, it sort of sounds like Apple had the choice between adding FC7 import that worked, but not so well, and not adding FC7 import at all. In that context, it’s a little less surprising that Apple chose the latter…

    • This article is about Premiere Pro (not FCPX) importing FCP 7 projects. :)

    • Final Cut has always had XML import since FCP4.5 I’ve worked between editors using FCP5, 6 and 7 sharing the same project fairly seamlessly. It’s still incredibly surprising that they would just cut off everything that came before it. This is exactly why people are angry.

      FCP XML is Apple’s own interchange format. This isn’t Flash where they just decide it sucks and they wont support it. They control the standard. So instead of making their FCP file interchange standard work for FCPX they abandoned it.

  • MARK GEORGEFF on 07.14.11 @ 11:30PM

    Myself…I want to have consistent interaction between the FCp and the Prem. Pro. Toss in AE and some other ADOBES and I’m in heaven. Just to have all the goodies at my disposal; working and rocking solid 24-7, with no hassels, etc., is what’s going to bring my own digital based, mixed – media indie features to the global audiences.

  • Very helpful tutorial, thank you very much for posting it