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Ingenious CineSkates Camera Sliders for HDSLRs Blow Away Kickstarter Goal in One Day

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Ever since those iPod Nano watches raised almost a million dollars on Kickstarter, it’s been clear that crowdfunding campaigns like helping an indie filmmaker make his first feature film pale in comparison to efforts where backers are simply pre-buying a cool gizmo. An alarmingly small percentage of the population is buying or renting movies, and it follows that it’s harder to persuade folks to back a project if the only reward is a DVD — thus my effort to also send the unique frames of Man-child to backers, so they’ll receive a more personalized reward for helping make it a reality. Okay, back to the gizmos, as this one’s very cool: CineSkates are a set of custom-designed rollerblade wheels paired with a Joby Gorillapod Focus tripod that allow for some very cool low-angle shots with an HDSLR. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which reached its funding goal in a single day and still has over a month to go:

Check out the Kickstarter campaign if you want a pair — they’re $150 on their own or $275 with the required Joby hardware. As you can see in the widget below, they’ve already crossed the 500% funded mark — amazing. I think I might just have to get a set, given this could be useful on a basketball film. Of course, if you’re thinking of dropping hundreds of dollars on a camera accessory, please think about dropping a few dollars on a feature film! [thanks, Jacques]


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  • Okay, how do I buy them?

  • unless I read it wrong, I believe that your source to support that nobody is buying or renting movies is only talking about digital rentals and sales, not DVDs or bluerays which could still be quite strong.

  • Chris Hubbard on 08.28.11 @ 1:06AM


    i am convinced these things are entirely useless.
    i do not understand why anyone would buy them, ever.

    even if you do want the ONE shot they give you, spider trax dolly’s do the same thing for cheaper.

  • I wonder if being picked up by Engadget (one of the most trafficked tech blogs in the world) on 8/25 contributed to the success of this campaign. :)

  • Andrew Jakobs on 09.2.11 @ 2:45PM

    Hmm, weird if they are awarded the patent, since using skateboard wheels for camera support isn’t anything new..

    In combination with the gorillamount it sure looks great..

    • @Andrew:
      I don’t think they have a patent for this… if they do, I’d like to see the patent number published. It can be looked up but am not spending my time on this.

  • Yeah you can definitely get some unique shots with it…if you have a table near by…or a car hood. I’ve used a slider for various shots and can’t think of any single slider shot in which I could accomplish with these cineskates.

  • I bought one of these CineSkates after seeing it on Kickstarter after backing Koo’s feature (come on fans of NoFilmSchool!….support Koo, damnit!…. he’s provided lots of great info over the last year for FREE… time to pay back a bit!)

    I realized that I could probably create my own CineSkate thingy, but the combination of supporting another entrepreneur AND getting a finished product that will enable me to shoot cool 360′s was enough to fork out the $275.

    Koo, maybe you could work out some affiliate thing with the Cineskate guys…. you shoot tons of cool 360 shots in your basketball feature with Cineskates, and they plug funding for ManChild?

  • ya know, good luck for getting that much money for your project, but I could have this made in China for $12,000 including all the molds and part for it…. and deliver 2000 units that could be sold for less than $30 USD.

    This kind of insanity just shows you people have way too much money to spend on items that may get used a few times.

    • A. You get what you pay for.

      B. Money isn’t that hard to come by if you stop wasting time worrying about clipping coupons and start using your time to DO something productive. I’ve done the DIY stedicam, the DIY underwater enclosure, the DIY lens adapter and aside from the joy i get from being in my garage, i would have been better off spending my time earning the money to buy the products from the people who engineered them.

      C. I do not believe for a second that you could deliver a comparably functional and quality product for $30, even with (increasingly expensive) Chinese labor. Cheaper, perhaps, but life-changingly cheap? I doubt it.

  • i actually do not know ANYONE who PAYS for films any more. apart from the odd truly special cinema release, why the ****k would anyone want to pay for what is free?

    as for kickstarter ‘give me money to make my first feature’ they’re dime a dozen. good luck with it though, aside from generous friends and family that is.

  • . . . sorry being a bit of a cynical ass there! excuse me. work on chaps, i’m also in the club :)

    • Sheesh Jooks! As far as Kickstarter goes, my campaign is not all friends and family. In fact, I would guesstimate that so far less than 10% of the 700 backers are relatives or personal friends — instead, it’s the indie film community showing support in a truly amazing way. Cynical indeed!