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Canon to Announce 19K 4D $99 Camcorder (or Something Else) in Hollywood on November 3

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Today Canon pre-announced an announcement — which they’re calling “historic” — to take place in Hollywood on November 3rd. What would be hilarious is if they show up in Tinseltown and announce a new line of inkjet printers. But because it’s Hollywood, hopefully it will have something to do with, you know, movies. In the “proper video camera with large sensor” market, Sony has their FS100 and F3, and Panasonic has their AF100. As of right now, Canon has nothing. Just saying! Here’s their teaser:

That’s it. No one knows anything more, though in the past few days there have been rumors of a 4K Super35 camcorder for $15K floating around. Canon could also disappoint everyone and launch a short film collaboration with Ron Howard (no offense, Ron). There is no link to use below because there is no more information other than “historic” and “Hollywood.” But if you were thinking of buying any of the aforementioned Sony or Panasonic cameras, it might behoove you to wait a couple of months (and if you were wondering why RED has been rapidly revamping their lineup lately, perhaps they know something we don’t). And that’s why Canon dropped this information-free teaser: so people don’t buy camcorders from their competitors in the meantime. Competition = good. Oh, and where’s Nikon in this fight? Making even less information announcements. But Nikon isn’t a video camera company. Canon is and they’ve been conspicuously absent for quite some time…

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  • if they would want to keep people from buying a sony or red in the meantime… wouldnt it make more sense to just announce it, or at least with a little more of a hint? that is if they actually want to play the apple-marketing game, which is understandably unpopular in the professional world. and a strange move… its not like they would cannibalize any of their own sales if they teased it “clearly” now, if its a new kind of camera / new market.

    i think it will be something else, “just” some kind of service / cooperation…

    • It definitely works though, the fact that it is blogged on this website is an example. Most blogs or websites are talking/discussing this announcement and by that they already create huge attention. Keeps marketing costs low and makes a hype of the announcement. Announcing it now without any notification will give the product to be announced a different image then when Canon lets us wait and calls it historical. Don’t know if this will work for other companies though. Canon is somewhat the Apple of the photography/video industry.

      Besides that, I’m curious. I don’t think they will sell anything aimed at consumers or prosumers. But lets just wait and see.

  • I know what it is! : ) But I’m not going to say it…. All I can say is Hello Mr. Mark III. ; ) Wait til’ you see the Specs! : )

  • Might be a modified Hair Drier sample. lol

    • please, please, please, let this not be a small-sensor camera, no matter how many pixels they can cram on it…

      my bet is EF-mount video camera, and I hope it’s good enought that they don’t feel they have to cripple the video functions of the 5D3, for which I’d say the time is 2012Q1, and I’d hope for clean image (no aliasing/moire), better codec (422 XF), better low light (clean ISO 6400), and 1080p60

  • There has been a rumor that a PL mount camera/camcorder has been in the works and the existence of their 4k concept video camera points in that direction as well.

    I’m not holding my breathe for an EF mount video camera. The unclutched focus rings (for ultrasonic focusing) and their electronic irises (cause slight step adjustments in exposure on cheaper zoom lenses) aren’t ideal for video.

  • another thing this could be: PL lenses with astronomical prices

  • I’m not buying the whole rumor. We might be disappointed at November 3rd. On the other hand, it’s true, Canon video has been very quite for a long time…

  • Alec Sprinkle on 09.16.11 @ 9:38AM

    I hope it’s a new printer. Mine is acting funny.

  • It’s a full frame camcorder using the same sensor as the 5D Mk 2. EF lenses and a host of other features. Price is very competitive to take on the Sony NEX FS100 etc.

  • Alec Sprinkle on 09.16.11 @ 4:07PM

    Then it isn’t a 5DMkII at all, then.

  • The camera is a Super 35 cmos sensor shooting 4k with optional Ef or Pl mounts which will cost $15,000…and it’s a
    camcorder, not a dslr

    • People are saying that… it would certainly be historic for Canon, whose most expensive video camera to date was, what, $6k?

      • I think the XL H1s was around 8 or 9 grand when it first came out. But the XF305 is the most expensive atm.. $7500.

  • Given it opens with ‘The story begins’ – id say its a whole new line based on new imagers. So yes a 5DmkIII but also models to compete with the FS100, F3 and possibly even the Epic/scarlet – all with staggered release dates.

    Also Koo dont forget Nikon was actually FIRST to the consumer / prosumer video party…and Im not talking the D90. Back in the 70′s they had two super 8 film cameras! So who knows, they may decide to jump on in to this party that’s just getting started ;-)

  • Hi I’m Canon CEO, I was wastin’ some time you know, surfin’ the web and I just saw that our little announcement got huge! I mean, we don’t have nothing yet, but than you for all your speculations, now we know what to do :D

    Canon CEO.

  • i am definitely interested in this. i guess this is where they’ll “right” all the “wrongs” of the 5D (which, make no mistake, i freaking love). But here’s to hoping we don’t get a 4k Super 35 camcorder for $15000 that only shoots in 30p and outputs a 480p signal from it’s hdmi port. :) also, and i’ll say this for the F65, if they could include a mechanical shutter that would be fantastic

  • Hi,
    end of 2009 I remember that Canon said they have produce a 215 Millions pixel captor, it was a communication from their R&D department… Do you think they found the chips to let this become effective ?

  • I was about to buy a 60D but now i’m definitely waiting! ARRG!! :P

  • If it’s $15,000 shooting 4K I’m not interested. RED came out like that and prices hang around $30-50K to get a workable rig. Nothing historic there. Maybe for Canon but not the video world.

    It’d have to be something that would basically shut RED down and have DP’s (IN HOLLYWOOD) wanting to switch from film and Indie wannabees tossing their cams by the wayside.

  • It could be a Light Field Camera. They capture full 3d, give the ability to choose your focal point and DOF after you take the photo, and also give some awesome exposure controls. Now that in a ‘movie camera’ would be pretty historic.