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How to Use RED's Free Color Grading Application, REDCINE-X Pro

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RED has been cranking out new beta versions of their ingest/grading software REDCINE-X PRO seemingly every week or so, and you can bet it will find a lot of new users thanks to the impending release of their SCARLET-X camera (which is supposed to start shipping this Thursday). REDCINE-X PRO is free — though you need a very expensive piece of hardware to use it — so here is a great tutorial from Dan Kanes, which demonstrates the flexibility of the RAW workflow:

Adobe can also work with the .R3D files natively in CS5.5 (which is 20% off for upgrades until December 31st), which leaves a couple of options open for RED shooters editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and finishing in After Effects. See this post, also by Dan, for some thoughts on how the post pipeline for RED files is changing. Will REDCINE-X eventually evolve into a full-featured NLE? It certainly seems strange to be applying one grade, outputting ProRes or DPX files, and then applying another. Dan has promised more tutorials are on the way, which should prove helpful for anyone itching to get their hands on a SCARLET (or EPIC!).

Link: Download REDCINE-X PRO



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  • that seriously pissed guy on 11.14.11 @ 1:01PM

    Ok Guys.
    Even thought there is only one post like the one George Washington Duke made,yet.
    But i am sure more will come.
    I just have a simple question for you guys:


    I mean he created a completely free dslr guide he posts a shitload of informations and helps people to decide which camera is right for them.

    All he does is post an article or 2 about red cameras.
    What’s so fucking bad about it?

    I mean i am a Dslr shooter(5d Mark II) so was koo till now.
    But it’s his decision to use a scarlet and none of the kickstarter money was used for his new scarlet, it’s his own decision.

    What really bugs me is that everybody attacks koo because he will soon owns a red.

    Isn’t no film school for everybody?

    There are quit a few shooters out there who will buy a scarlet,


    Because fast action is nearly impossible on a dslr.
    But it isn’t much better on a pro camcorder under 8000 dollar with an expensive 35mm adapter as well, so the only option is a red (at least right now).

    So please stop bitching nofilmschool is a place for all kind of filmmakers.

    Dslr,camcorder and red filmers use the site everyday because it offers so many informations that normally would cost a shitload of money.

    So be thankful.

    Koo does this for all filmmakers not just independents with a really low budget.

    • Ha, thanks “that seriously pissed guy!”

      I wonder what the over/under on “number of times I’ll be called a RED fanboy over the next five years” is. 5,000?

      I have no motivation to be a RED fanboy, in fact there are a few reasons why it would be in my best interest to shoot on a Sony, Canon, or anything else for that matter. I won’t go into it here, but… I’m also keeping the 5D Mark II and I expect there will be plenty of situations where the RED is overkill and I use the DSLR instead. You know, like the BTS of Man-child. Speaking of which, back to the script!

      • Koo, about the slow mo requirements of Man Child being the reason why it is necessary to shoot with RED, I can understand the EPIC, but with the Scarlet, the fastest that it can go is 60fps at 1080p right/ (assuming you would not go 1k just for the 120fps). The latest Sony DSLTs and Nexs (A77/A65 and Nex 5N/7) offers the same framerate of 60fps at 1080p resolution. It has full manual control options too..and it cost only $599 (5N) to $1,199(A77) for the bodies. Wouldnt it be more economically reasonable to just buy 4 of these..then rent a bunch of PL video lenses or Carl Zeis glass and shoot ManChild slo Mos with it? Did it ever cross your descision making process. Just asking here, not judging..I am quite a believer of Sony’s latest offerings.

        • I’ve got my fingers crossed for renting an EPIC as A cam, using SCARLET as B… and the SCARLET does 2K at 60P provided you have some wide angle lenses to account for the windowing. I don’t think on a multi-camera pro set that relying on DSLRs would be the best option (aliasing issues, slower CMOS skew, etc.). You can bet I thought about it, though.

          • Ah yes..the limitations of DSLR grade CMOS..and of course grading latitude. I hope you can post more of the New Sony’s I think they are a pretty capable bunch. I am 100% going with them for my system all because of 60fps full 1080p.:)

  • TRU…Art is about talent not the tools..dont knock him cause he has something different than you…this blog is meant for teaching and learning…if u u don’t have ne thing constructive to say ..shut to fuck up and move to the back of the class..Thank You :-)

  • Duke is a horrible school.

  • great post. Only thing I would add would be to include a macbeth or X-Rite Colorchecker Passport in your test shots to help determine your proper shadow-highlite values. And to enable linear gamma in your AE project. I’ve never used RAW files yet in my PPro-AE workflow, but am pretty excited by the possibilities, perhaps less so the file sizes:(

  • nice post. thanks for the info. i’ll share this one to my colleague as well.

  • Hey Guys! Thanks for posting this Ryan.

    Go on, get your scarlet. Let the haters writhe in anger.

    I just posted up a Resolve Lite tutorial for the non-red users as well.

  • Thanks so much for the clear exp. of setting up Redcine x Pro. I look forward very much to your tips about color correcting, etc. Please don’t wait!

    I bring experience in Photoshop to working in RCX. i see what looks like a lot of redundancy in the controls here: sliders, curves, etc. I’m used to tweaking the curve but wonder what I may be missing by ignoring the other controls like the color wheels.

    I have just installed Redcine x ver 506. Is there any real advantage to installing RCX Pro?

    Again, thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated. — Rob

  • VanLazarus on 01.3.12 @ 4:30AM

    I know it’s the forgotten editing software, but Sony Vegas has been able to natively edit RED Raw video for a few years now.