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New Nikon D800 Footage to Scrutinize: Music Video for 'You're On' by Euzen

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This is a post by Joe Marine… much more to come from Joe soon. Stay tuned!

Nikon’s new D800 will be put through its paces soon enough (we hope), but until then we’ve got some moderately compressed videos to pixel peep. I find it curious that these official company videos always seem more compressed than they ought to be – as if to entice more speculation – but that’s a topic for another post. In any case, this music video, directed by Morten Rygaard and produced by Peter Brodin at Nikon Nordic, gives us a small taste of D800 quality:

Here is a behind-the-scenes video showing a little bit of their process:

Other than the video being a little soft (could be compression), there weren’t any major image issues that I could see – even the brick wall in the video looked fine. Watching the behind-the-scenes, there’s no sign of an external recorder. Does this hurt the quality a bit? Maybe. Should we be worried? Probably not. It’s safe to say that the D800 will be a capable camera, but how it will stack up against the next generation of cameras, we just can’t be sure yet.

There’s quite a bit of slow motion in the video – certainly not a strong suit of DSLRs in general – but it’s clear that a portion was “Twixtored” in post. Starting at the 3:04 mark, there are a few shots that go well beyond the 720p 60fps mode available in the D800 and the recently announced Nikon D4.

What do you guys think?

[via NikonRumors]


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  • The softness didn’t bother me at all, I liked it actually, but the camera definitely had some problems with her striped dress when you watch in hd. Check from :40-:47.

  • Truthfully I’m not that impressed with the footage I’ve seen so far, soft and washed out.

  • There are some very crisp and clean masters in the video that would indicate to me that focus was a tad off in the softer shots. Nikon has the behind the scenes for the movie with the blind boy and they are using a KiPro for external recording which shows in the beautiful color rendition.

    Overall I think Nikon has a real winner here and welcome competition in the DSLR world.

  • McBlakewich on 02.9.12 @ 6:54PM

    I don’t understand why they’d (Nikon) shoot so much of the video in slow motion (60fps) on a new DSLR that isn’t debuting 1080p @ 60fps…only to be compressed on the internet. However, I do think it looks pretty good with that said although I do agree with the comments on it being very soft.

  • I really think the softness in this video is a focus issue.
    Some shots are more soft than others, and the other videos are way sharper than this one IMO.
    That said, I’m really liking what i see with this camera. It’s not perfect, but then, the 5Dmk3 won’t be either.
    If this one is as good as the 5Dmk2, sans the jello, and less moire and aliasing, I’m sold.
    Nikon glass is the way to go :)

    Ps. Sorry for my english.

  • It has a sterile video feel to me, not the 5D cinematic aesthetics. Would need to see more test to properly judge but I still think Canon has the Magic and I’m not being biased. Maybe both would be good as each has its strength, but one thing I’m sure of, I ain’t paying $16K for C300 with 1080P, that’s just ludicrous! Wait 6 months and see what comes out.

  • In the behind the scenes, the guy who shot is said he was trying to push the camera to its limits. To me this is a very impressive stress test. Again, this is marketed for fashion, wedding, architecture photographers, AND film/video makers.

    If you take that into consideration this camera is a real winner IMO. Most fashion videos are shot with DSLR’s now. So this is a dream for fashion and advertising people. We shoot video too…

    Money wise. The quality and features set is good enough to shoot a band music video, and do the photoshoot. Better than ever before.

    • This is an important point. For many fashion photographers this camera is the perfect blend of high resolution stills and shallow depth-of-field 1080p video. It’s got everything they need in one package. Obviously there are more expensive options for this purpose (RED Epic), but for less than $4000 for either version, it can’t be beat right now.

      • Wilbert Thomas on 02.10.12 @ 10:55AM

        Sorry but this is not a good example. This video looks inferior to what the canon 5d mk2 can do when pushed to the limit.

  • Nikong!

  • Once the Canon Mk. III (and whatever else is up Canon’s sleeve) and Panny GH3 are announced, I highly doubt anyone will be interested in a D800 for video. Sorry, Nikon. This would have been really impressive, say, 2 years ago.

  • now does koo don’t you feel a little salty spending all that money on a red when you could have waited for this. lol

    • Cucumberbatch on 02.10.12 @ 6:15AM

      While you wait for other options, Koo already has his camera and is working with it.

  • It’s going to take a much better offering from Nikon to get a real HDSLR market share… a good enough offering to make me want to sell (or just not use) all my Canon glass.

  • i couldn’t agree more, it lacks the 5d cinematic aesthetics. Crushed blacks…reminds me of footage out of the 550d.

  • I shoot a 550d and i don’t have crushed blacks at all. I think this is a postproblem

  • it feels very videoish, which could be bad bad lighting ( stretching the dynamic to both ends instead of bringing them together – thus loosing both ), bad angles, bad choice of lenses ( this kind of setting without wides?!?!? ) and bad acting doesn’t help it. I would really like to get something better then my 5DmII. This is not helping me to go to Nikon. :(
    The setting was beautiful and totally ruined by making it look like stage with no perspective and very TV like lighting.

    • Wilbert Thomas on 02.10.12 @ 11:06AM

      I agree, this video looks like it was done by a bunch of 40 years olds, that where the big wigs back in the 80′s. This video proves one thing, no matter how good your camera is, if you have bad lighting technique your video will look bad.

  • I also think the D800 footage looks not as cinemtatic as the mark2 does.
    Now a little spam: me and my friend would appreciate it if you guys just take a second to vote for his ultra short festival entry. it’s german, but you only got to click on the red botton below the video

  • theres something very depressing about these videos

  • Amuses me to no end when people aren’t convinced a camera body, which has a truly diminishing return on how good your film looks at a certain level, is decried as crap and held up as the reason for everything negative in a product. Video was soft at times? Image looked like video? Band was Norwegian? Yes, all that is totally Nikon’s fault! *sarcasm*

    Or you can simply apply Occam’s Razor and the most likely, simplest, answer is where the truth probably lies. Watch the BTS and you can find a lot of answers. Notice a lot of follow-focus-less shooting, meaning either they used AF (ew) or a smaller aperture and deeper DoF to keep the subject in focus. The latter would work to explain part of the plasticy feel at times, and certainly explains why the out of focus stuff was unimpressive. If they needed to push the ISO higher to maintain that aperture we’ll also see noise.

    Furthermore, if you look at the relationship between the subject, the camera, and the backgrounds, they aren’t doing anything to really make the subjects stand out either visually (lots of uninteresting wide shots) or in terms of DoF (subjects not close enough to camera to throw anything behind them that much out of focus). And lastly, they’re shooting at night with pretty minimal lighting. Are they lighting up the background much? No. There’s pretty much inky blackness or smoke behind everyone which will, for the purposes of pixel peeping show the most amount of noise that can’t be masked in, say, a background with more detail. Regardless, and just aesthetically speaking, it’s not interesting and not showcasing any of the full frame shallow DoF everyone is looking at with a critical eye.

    My point is that all of the above things are decided on by the DP and pushed out to the camera ops. There’s no reason to think that Nikon, who make great stills cameras somehow produced a product that’s pudding-soft at the sensor level, or that magically the D800 doesn’t have DoF properties while in video mode consistant with any other FF sensored camera. I’ve worked with people who can make the beloved 5DMk2 look like cheap video garbage too, and this is, hilariously, a great demonstration that the camera doesn’t make the production. Hell a truck full of equipment and operators didn’t make this video something i could even watch from start to finish!

    That said, Nikon needs to do what Canon did, and get some internet-lauded DPs to do some demos with the camera. Send Laforet the thing if he hasn’t signed a “strictly no Nikon” agreement, lol.

      • I started out on Canon. I like it over the GH3 and GH2. The D800 however is worlds apart from the Canon. The 5DMK3 which I have used on several movies is super soft, muddy, and has a grey cast to the image. The D800 is super sharp which is why some people seem to think it looks video. Nikon’s Joy Ride video proves the D800 does not look video in my opinion.

        This video in particular is terrible. That is not the camera’s fault. The lighting is terrible and the composition ins’t great. All reasons it looks like video. But I think there is a lot of fan boy’s complaining honestly. I am getting a 5DMK3 for low light and removing the OLP filter for low light and a D800 as my main camera. Canon just doesn’t have the dynamic range the D800 has.

  • Is it just me or are music videos in general usually seem just a bad idea? Personally I think Canon made a good call with Reverie making a simple short that was just under 3 minutes. I would say the majority of music videos I’ve scene seem forced with awful story lines, so even if the camera work is exceptional it still not worth watching.

    Alec E. I definitely see your point which I heartily agree with, not matter how good these cameras get it will always be possible to film crap, which is good news :)

  • jordan carr on 02.10.12 @ 6:15PM

    Funny that people using hacked GH2s are getting superior results with their $800 cameras. (and this kid even admits that he isn’t using the best hack)

    Vimeo compressed this video to 720p – it still looks more like film that the Nikon D4 / D800 stuff Nikon is pumping out.

    Now image that kid had $100,000 like Nikon did for their Joy Ride video?

    Gotta laugh at big companies that don’t have a clue.

  • jordan carr on 02.10.12 @ 6:26PM

    Couple move examples of GH2 movies with virtually no budget that are superior to big studio productions:

    To me those (and the one I posted above) look more like a “movie” – they have tight grain, no moire, no waxy skin tones like the Nikon. If you were to screen that (full 1080) to people I doubt anyone would know what camera they were shot with. But it is sadly still easy to spot Canon 5D / 7D and Nikon videos. Not good.

    Oh and im no Panasonic fanboy. I shoot an Ikonoskop so I have no dog in the fight.

    My .02 cents. Take care.

    • Wow! Okay haven’t been looking at any GH2 footage for a while but just amazing looking stuff! I mean if some of this was Alexa or other high-end demo footage I’d be impressed. But will these hacked cams hold up for weeks on a feature film? No bugs or issues?

      • Okay I’m only talking about the Spanish trailer – the rest is pretty mediocre. Agreed the GH2 has a nice organic filmic feel but still not the clarity I’m seeing in some of the Nikon stuff. After making a 7D feature I’m really looking for more detail in post – I can always create the softer. film feel but really want clarity and depth I’m seeing with the D800 stuff recorded via the KiPro –

        • The D800 is the way to go for detail. Look at these pics at 100% crop!!:

          Now detail…

        • Agreed. the spanish GH2 stuff is nice, but he/they would have had to plan that shoot VERY carefully. And almost any shoot will look good with that much care.
          Also, the guys up top that talked about the fashion world are dead on – a fantastic full frame 36MP camera that can ALSO shoot a 3 min video? Sold. And in the stills world, Nikon is still the next step down from a Hassy, unless you’re being paid.
          Canon can’t put clean HDMI out on their next gen DSLR cameras without destroying an entire division. Nikon have no need to ever build a 4K DSLR until its a TV standard.
          I’ll probably buy an 800 and Canon’s 4K cam.

    • How about posting something shot with the Ikonoskop, the only footage I’ve seen has been on their site plus the Co Spring/Summer fashion video. I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

  • As long as there is no 1080p 60P…as in progressive renderring full HD 1080p…I will not ever use any other large sensor cameras than the Sony offerings. Judging from the recent Nikon announcements, even their highest end D4 wont have it…and judging from the C300 announcement, even the highest end cinema camera of Canon wont have most likely than not any of their lower end stuff on the next 3-5 years wont have it too. So damn all of you Nikon and Canon fanboys for being stuck with lazy companies not trying to innovate. There is Sony and RED Scarlet for the rest of us cheap filmmakers who dont want to compromise on video outputs.:P

    • The Expeed3 processor in D800 can handle both 60P and 4K. Nikon can add this with just a firmware upgrade after Canon announces 5D Mark III or in D4S..

  • jordan carr on 02.13.12 @ 2:16AM

    quobetah the Alexa also does amazing 60p and 120p at 1080. worth renting.

  • All the people complaining that this looks like video… to me it looks like the camera was set for 30p, which is much more video looking than 24p.

    • And the lighting is much more video than filmic. That’s not a problem of the camera, that’s a choice of the producer/director of the video.

  • MANISHAPRASAD on 01.10.14 @ 8:41PM