Since we last spoke with the sky kids—the Toronto-based production company and band that was given the chance to demo OpenAI’s upcoming advanced generative video AI model Sora—their Sora-produced short film “air head” has been blowing up the internet.

And, while a lot of the reviews of the film were positive, praising the short as one of the more cinematic, and heartfelt, of the seven videos OpenAI featured as part of their “First Impressions” series—alongside the likes of Paul Trillo, who we also spoke with about his Sora-experience—there have of course been negative comments directed towards the shy kids as well.

Partly in response to the wide-ranging feedback, as well as a way to further explore the filmmaking possibilities of combining AI with more traditional production and post-production storytelling methods, the shy kids have released a follow-up that explores the complex notoriety that comes with having your head in the AI cloud.

Deflated by the shy kids

Recently released on the shy kids’ social channels, their latest short film is titled “Deflated” and is meant to be a companion piece to their “air head” short, which was one of the first experiments with OpenAI’s Sora.

This new project, while very much a commentary on the feedback from the original video, is also a bit more experimental as it combines real-world actors and locations with generated videos with more creativity and intentionality than we’ve seen with any previous Sora-produced videos.

The film also is a self-aware answer of sorts to those online who have called out the shy kids for using OpenAI’s Sora model, as well as an exploration of what their sudden fame has meant to them as artists. It’s also quite funny and an interesting look into how creatives and filmmakers—whether you like it or not—are going to experiment with adding AI to their filmmaking process.

Check it out below.