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Canon 5D Mark III Photos and Specs Leaked Ahead of Announcement

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This seems to be the real deal. What would normally have been announced very late tonight or early tomorrow (east coast time), looks to have been leaked ahead of time. Canon Rumors has posted a list of specs and a few images that we can almost safely assume are official, since the announcement is less than 24 hours away. These images are of the professionally photographed variety, likely what we would be seeing in a press release. They also perfectly match that photo we reported on here awhile ago. Here is the complete list of specs and my thoughts below.

From the Canon Rumors website:

Unsurpassed Image Quality
22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor
DiG!C 5+ Image Processor
ISO 100-25600 (expandable to L:50 H1:51200, H2: 102400
Full HD Movie (ISO 100-12800 (H:25600)

High Performance Operation
61-point high-density reticular AF (up to 41 crosstype points)
6.0 fps for high continuous shooting
Intelligent viewfinder with approx. 100% coverage
3.2-type, approx.1.04m dot (3:2 wide) Clear View LCD II
iFCL metering with 63-zone dual-layer sensor
Shutter durability of 150,000 cycles

High end features
Silent & low vibration modes
Dual card slots (CF & SD)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode
Multiple Exposures
Comparative Playback function
Improved durability & water and dust resistance

Available Colours – Black
Megapixels – 22MP
Sensor Size – 36 x 24mm
ISO/Sensitivity – 100 – 25600
Autofocus Points – 61 points
Lens Mount – Canon
LCD Size – 3.2″
Liveview – Yes
Viewfinder – Optical TTL
Min Shutter Speed – 30 sec
Max Shutter Speed – 1/8000 sec
Continuous Shooting Speed – 6 fps
Self Timer – 10 sec, 2 sec
Metering – Centre-weighted, Spot, Evaluative, Partial
Video Resolution – Full HD 1080
Memory Type – Compact Flash
Connectivity – USB 2, HDMI, Mic Input, Wireless (optional)
Battery – LP-E6
Battery Type – Lithium-ion
Charger – Includes Li-Ion Charger
File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4
Dimensions – 152 x 116 x 76mm
Box Contents – Battery Pack LP-E6 .. Battery Charger LC-E6 .. AV Cable AVC-DC400ST .. Interface Cable IFC-200U .. Eyecup Eg .. Wide Strap EWEOS5DMKIII .. CR1616 Lithium Battery+

Canon has increased sensitivity by two full stops in stills mode, and one stop in video mode. Why the discrepancy? It could be a mistake, or more likely, there is some sort of noise reduction applied to the very high ISOs in stills mode, and it’s impossible for the image processor to keep that up in real time while also downscaling the image in video mode. One of the benefits of taking a large image and scaling down to 1080p is actually that noise becomes less distracting, so it’s interesting to see Canon limiting the video ISO.

Some of the notable features: Dual Card slots that we discussed here before, larger 3.2″ screen, HDR and Multiple Exposures Mode, Comparative Playback function (not sure exactly what this does yet), Vastly improved autofocus, 6fps shooting up from 3.9fps in the 5D Mark II, 100% viewfinder coverage, and a new Mic input, which was revealed in the earlier leaked photos.

Thankfully it looks like this camera will be using the same batteries as the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 60D, and Canon 7D, so if you’ve got a few of them lying around, you might want to hold on to them.

The only mention of video in these specs is 1080, so it’s clear we will have to wait a little longer for the final specs on that. While the camera might be capable, I’m just not sure we are going to see 1080 60p. Same with clean HDMI.

The back of the camera has certainly changed dramatically. The new 5D Mark III now resembles the Canon 7D in more ways, and adds the photo/video toggle and start/stop button. Menu and Info have been moved to the top left, and zoom has been moved to the left hand side. The new Rate button is still a mystery, but as an educated guess it seems like it will be a function for rating and sorting photos.

I will include a comparison of the old 5D Mark II for reference with the other leaked photos. Also of note, the 5D Mark III is shown with the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, but that will not likely be a cheap kit if they release it as one since that lens is over $2000. It also looks like Canon will be releasing a new battery grip and a new flash.

Stay tuned for the full release and detailed video specs.

[via Canon Rumors]

5D Mark II image first – the rest are the 5D Mark III:


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  • In the file format list everything seems to be about video (no JPEG is mentioned), RAW is mentioned. Perhaps Video Raw out is coming or perhaps they just forgot to mention JPEG. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • I noticed that too, but I wouldn’t think much of it. If Canon released RAW video on the 5D Mark III, they more or less make their $16,000 C300 obsolete.

      • Yeah, for some reason I don’t think that the C300 will remain super relevant for very long… I think the RED raise in November has them pushing forward to bring RAW and 4k to the forefront of their video pursuits in the near future…

        Should be fun to see go down…

        • Red is not raw. They just RAW as the trademark for their codec name. It’s actually quite compressed. Nothing “raw” about it.

          • RAW =/= uncompressed. Canon raw stills are compressed as well. Only Nikon offers uncompressed raw as an option.

  • Hmmm…. exciting times! Could ‘rate’ not be Frame Rate? #edgeofmyseat

    • Possibly, I really don’t know. Considering it’s more of a stills camera, and the video frame rate doesn’t change very often, it leads me to believe it’s related to stills.

    • I doubt it
      probably just a way to “star” a picture so you already know which are the good ones when you unload the card at your PC

    • The Wallbanger on 03.1.12 @ 2:02PM

      Not likely. Blue buttons are for review. White buttons control active shooting functions.

  • Expectations:
    Better more robust codec like 1DX
    Less or eliminated Aliasing
    MOST importantly reduced Rolling Shutter/Jello effect

    My 2 cents DOUBT we will see clean HDMI Out!
    1080 60p would be nice as well……Doubt that though

  • Rate could refer to data rate rather than frame rate. Different GOP structures, different pull down, different codec even. Much like a RAW/JPEG button but for video.

    Even if it does shoot RAW it still has the wrong AA filter for video. And no XLRs. And smaller photosites etc etc. the c300 can sleep easy for a bit yet.

  • John Jeffreys on 03.1.12 @ 12:40PM

    Meh. No compelling reasons to upgrade from a 5d 2, and the price is stupid high. You can get a used 1d MkIV for 3500.
    No headphone jack, no (known) clean HDMI out, etc.
    25600 iso is fun, i guess.

    I dont care about AF anyway

    • Headphone jack was pretty much confirmed via the leaked photos on

      • John Jeffreys on 03.1.12 @ 12:59PM

        -eoshd is not a reliable news source.
        -the spec sheet above did not mention a headphone jack

        • Joe Marine on 03.1.12 @ 1:06PM

          We also talked about the headphone port earlier on NoFilmSchool as well – those leaked photos from a few days ago are now likely real. It’s hard to see but the side of the camera with the ports matches those leaked photos from earlier – the easiest way to make that assumption is that the large Sync Port icon (flash symbol) has moved from it’s original location on the 5D Mark II. I wouldn’t make much of not seeing the headphone jack in these particular specs.

          • John Jeffreys on 03.1.12 @ 1:29PM

            I took the headphone rumor with a grain of salt because its just too good to be true.
            But I guess it might actually happen, which is great.
            Still not worth 3500 though…maybe 2700 or 2800 but certainly not over 3k

  • john jeffreys you’re right … this is a stills camera upgrade. no 60fps ? no clean hdmi out ? no reason to switch up from 5d.

    • John Jeffreys on 03.1.12 @ 12:59PM

      honestly im just going to get a used 5d 2 now finally, hopefully i can get one for 1500

  • You still haven’t even touched the camera, relax..
    There is a headphone jack btw…

  • BUT WILL IT SHOOT vid at 60 FPS????? That’s what I wanna know!

  • maybe they only mentioned 1080, not 720 because it will be capable of 1080 60p 24p 30p and 24p? that would be insane.

  • Maybe they’ll have fixed the rolling shutter?

    The biggest problem of DSLRs.

    Maybe it’ll break the 4GB cap, or at least allow contiguous longer clips.

    Maybe they’ll launch lenses that hold back focus, my 70-200 f2.8 L does not and it’s a bugger.

  • Wow, awesome camera after awesome camera was released over the past year, and I keep seeing posts like “I’ll wait for the 5d mark III,” now its around the corner and people are talking about getting used 5d mark ii’s, crazy.

  • the whole ‘leaked info’ viral-faux-promo routine is getting as little tiresome. although i’m still buying three :)

  • 1. No successful business model ever included offering a less expensive model that out-performs a more expensive model.
    2. The price hike is to get the bleeding edge dwellers (who MUST always have the latest model to display) to part with their cash and help pay for the start-up costs of the Cinema EOS line and the earthquake damage losses.
    3. Six months after it hits the shelf it will be selling at $3K, if not before. During that time, paid critics will discover problems and maybe even workarounds.
    4. Keep in mind that Act of Valor was shot on a 5D Mk II before it ever had 24fps and manual sound.

    • I was under the impression part of the price hike is also due to the Japanese yen being stronger than the American dollar currently?

  • Looks like Nikon D800 is a much better camera for the money now…

    • That’s what I’m thinking. The ONE thing everyone is wanting is clean HDMI out and we don’t know yet if that’s gonna be a feature. Nikon did the right thing with their 2 news cams.

  • Here’s hoping for timecode and real time audio monitoring!

  • If (and it’s a big ‘if’) it has 60p, we’re going to get a lot of shallow focus slow-motion camera tests over the next 6 months!

    I’d like it to stay cool a bit longer, to make it more useful for documentary stuff. That, and some fast-forward/rewind options on video playback.

  • A lot of video posts wanting features from dedicated video cameras. This is not a dedicated video camera.

    I could live without tc, without 60fps, without clean hdmi out IF they fixed the rolling shutter & IF we get lenses that can actually lile zoom and stay in focus.

    All the other things would be very nice. But we aren’t talking about a dedicated video camera. If you are that serious about using them then lets just hope the basic are right this time….. no rolling shutter, better moire handling…

    All these guys talking exclusively about video… well there are a number of large sensor cameras costing not much more that the 5D3 will at lauch with TC with all the video goodies.

  • Wait and see. A number of things I’m interested in are not leaked out, such as the specs for HDMI, details of 1080P codec (bitrate & frame rate), the weight of the camera, etc.

  • Trankilstef on 03.1.12 @ 7:20PM

    Look at this image taken from a French magazine (Photo), wich was one of the first to test the camera. And look at their specs list :

    Pay attention to the details : there is HEADPHONE JACK and MICRO INPUT, as well as the same video recording format that we can find on the new Canon 1dX : the ALL-I and the IPB. Also there’s a continuous or progressive TC.

    It really seem to be a good video camera as well !!!

    I’m french so if people wanna send me questions to answer or to traduce some portion of the article, tell me so !

    • Joe Marine on 03.1.12 @ 7:55PM

      If you don’t mind I’m going to post this – any specifics on the HDMI – if we can record it?

      • @ Joe Marine I just red the French article , there is nothing specific in regards to the hdmi . I just saw hdmi-c . Don’t know what that means. They did not mention the price . Hey talk about raw jpg as file format ..

        • Joe Marine on 03.1.12 @ 9:41PM

          Thanks for that, I appreciate it. HDMI-c just refers to the mini connector that we’ve seen before on all of these DSLRs. I would imagine they just wanted to focus on still imaging since that is what their audience wants.

      • Trankilstef on 03.2.12 @ 4:06AM

        Sorry I was sleeping, and I just woke up now. I see you posted it, no problem for me ! And now there’s the official release that came while we were sleepin’ in France !

    • I’m definitely interested.
      Is there any indication of the JPEG being stills only within that article? Not to long ago there was a report claiming that Canon would use MJPEG for the video. I just wanted to know, are there any details toward this within that particular article?


  • I feel like Canon is trying to cash in on the existing HDSLR movement more than cater to it (which is strange for a corporation…). But, these specs don’t really include a lot of things we’d care about, so I guess we’ll see :) And there’s still the lower range version of the C300.

  • I think a lot of video people are going to be disappointed. This doesn’t seem that impressive or groundbreaking even as a stills camera right now. I think Nikon was smart by adding bold feature like 37 megapixels and clean HDMI. That gives the camera new life for audio and video.

    No offense to a lot of you but the filmmaking/video world isn’t really important or very profitable overall. Its a super niche. Battling for photography market share is likely the major focus. Even if this camera is a raging hit in the filmmaking world. At $3500 it would be a fail overall if photographers don’t take to it. The number difference is to great.

    Also, most video filmmaker people are asking for a small number of features: 60 fps HD, 0 moire, 0 rolling shutter, raw capture, uncompressed hdmi.

    Do you know how PISSED a C300 owner would be if the 5D3 had just one of these features? Just one feature would kill the Cinema EOS line. If you look at other camera releases, low light performance is a given nowadays. So one of these requested features will heavily shift the balance of products.

    • Good points, Nagato. However, there are two I disagree with:

      -Nikon released a 37mp camera. So what? Most photographers using Canons (like the existing 21mp on the 5DII) for advertising and marketing photography are probably happy or do not require to blow up anything past billboard size. If they do, or want a higher MP count for the day, many I’ve talked to opt for just renting something like a Hasselblad and bill it out to the client after.

      It would seem extreme for someone with all-Canon gear to drop everything and switch over to Nikon just because they can blow up their pictures by 15mp. If they’re interested in higher MP so they can crop and feel like no image quality has been lost, they’re not much of a photographer, are they?

      -The C300 has been marketed as a cinematic broadcast camera. It has more things that are aimed specifically at people who are doing video work on the next level. If there is a headphone input, 60p at 1080, uncompressed HDMI, etc. in the 5DIII, what does that matter to someone looking into broadcast equipment? You would still need to invest a great deal to get a proper DSLR rig up and running, as many of us have all learned.

      Again, though, I do agree with you that low-light capabilities is a given nowadays, and that the camera specs don’t seem terribly groundbreaking ATM.

  • alex sherice on 03.1.12 @ 8:31PM

    So is Canon going to cannibalize?

  • Chris K Jones on 03.2.12 @ 4:29AM

    My mk2 is now for sale… here’s why…..

    Next generation EOS Movies

    The EOS 5D Mark III builds on the reputation of the EOS 5D Mark II, with a range of new features introduced following feedback received from photographers to provide even better Full HD video performance. As well as offering the depth-of-field control loved by video professionals, the new full-frame sensor combines with the vast processing power of DIGIC 5+ to improve image quality by virtually eradicating the presence of moiré, false colour and other artefacts. The addition of a movie mode switch and a recording button also offers greater usability, enabling videographers to begin shooting immediately when movie mode is engaged.

    Additional movie functions include manual exposure control and an enhanced range of high bit-rate video compression options, with intraframe (ALL-I) and interframe (IPB) methods both supported. Variable frame rates range from 24fps to 60fps, and the addition of SMPTE timecode support provides greater editing flexibility and easier integration into multi-camera shoots. Users can also check and adjust audio during recording via the camera’s Quick Control screen and a headphone socket enables sound level monitoring both during and after shooting. Enhanced processing power provided by DIGIC 5+ also makes it possible to conveniently trim the length of recorded movies in-camera.

  • Thats a very bold move Chris K Jones.

    So if your camera sells today what are you going to shoot on until the untested unreviewed 5D3 comes out in, at best, a months time?

    Still, I love guys like you, you do all the beta testing so that when I buy mine at 2/3rds the price in June I’ll have a nice new firmware to install thats fixed the major bugs that have compromised your shoots.

    But if it’s important to you have a new toy then fill your boots, who am I to cast aspertions etc etc.

    All the best!