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Canon 5D Mark III/X Confirmed at 22MP and $3500, Announcement February 28th

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Just as I was writing about the possible new features of Magic Lantern Unified, it’s been confirmed that the replacement for the Canon 5D Mark II will be announced on February 28th. Does this make me any less excited about Magic Lantern? Absolutely not! This next Canon camera will not be for everyone, and there’s a major hurdle for plenty of people: price. Let’s look at the confirmed specs so far.

These rumors should now be treated as fact, but there are still plenty of specs we’re not sure about yet. From the Canon Rumors website:

  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD
  • Announcement on February 27 or 28, 2012 (Depending where you are on earth)


The dual card slots are a welcome addition for those upgrading from SD only cameras and have plenty of media lying around. They should also provide simultaneous recording/backup just as on the Nikon D800. It looks like Canon has produced a worthy adversary to the D800, with the obvious exception of megapixels – which for your own personal needs may vary. It’s certainly possible that this camera could be a stop or so better than the D800 in low light performance, but I won’t speculate on that until I see some actual pictures or footage.

Canon will also be announcing the Rebel T4i (if they decide to call it that) and a video optimized zoom in the near future. That camera will surely be a huge seller, but we’ve got to wait for more concrete details before we can decide the extent to which its video features are crippled from the higher-end cameras.

Does this mean you should sell your camera immediately? No, certainly not. First, availability will be at least a month or two after announcement. That puts us into April/May territory. Not having a camera for two months is a deal-breaker for many people selling right away. Second, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the 5D Mark II body. Canon has not yet discontinued the 5D Mark II, so it’s likely they will continue selling it even after the new camera is released.

It’s also hard to say if prices for the 5D Mark II will change. Canon’s recent sales can be attributed to overstock and an attempt to offset losses – they’ve since risen closer to their pre-sales price. It’s not clear what will happen, but it’s safe to assume that there will be more than a few used 5D Mark IIs floating around.

I’m sure it will be said at some point, somewhere, so I’ll address it now: a camera alone will not make your film. There, it’s been said again, but that doesn’t mean the camera won’t make your life on set, and in post, that much easier. In the end, camera advancements are exciting because many of them allow us to do things that have never been possible in the history of moving pictures. Let’s just be positive and let the gear-heads be gear-heads. I’ve got a post in the works that addresses this very issue coming sometime in the future.

As I said before, I don’t think this camera will have a clean HDMI, but I’m hopeful it will have the intraframe codec of it’s bigger sibling, the Canon 1DX. What other unconfirmed features would any of you like to see in the Canon 5D Mark III/X?

[via Canon Rumors]


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  • We will all be buying this in May and then Canon will turn around and release a C300 DSLR type of camera in June. I’m still glad to see Canon bringing stuff to the table and keeping the indie filmmaking dream alive.

  • Wuaaaw!!! Al fin! Se viene el estallido! oh oh oh oooh!

    • What ?? Are you super excited or mad ?

      • Not mad but certainly annoyed at both Nikon and Canon for holding off until 2 Qtr 2012. I popped for the 1D Mk IV in November, because I couldn’t wait as I needed to replace an aging system and no rumors equals going with what was available. I held off as long as I could. Looking forward to getting the 5D in December.

  • Man so much going on!!

  • I definitely feel that the 5D MkII will be around for a while still and will remain the workhorse for many people that are budget shooters or at least don’t want to make a jump/upgrade quite yet. When you invest in what you can afford, you make it worth your while, and get all you can out of it for as long as you can. I agree, amazing equipment does not always make amazing films. Yeah, it helps, but doesn’t make you any better of a story teller than you already are. I have a feeling that Canon will release a lower cost version of the C300 sometime within the next year that is some where between the 5D MkII and the C300. It will have less features than the C300, but could be the next budget workhorse to replace the 5D MkII. Of course this all depends on how much the Mk III/X can bring to the table compared to the 5DMkII. If the 5D MkIII/X doesn’t bring enough to the table, I don’t think that the majority of budget film makers will make the switch, they will wait for another year or the next model release or possibly even an awesome firmware update that is a game changer.

    All that mumbo jumbo aside, this is still very exciting though!

  • Here’s hoping it will have the DIGIC V processor and fix the moire/aliasing issues. I still love my T2i though!

    • for the aliasing/moire, digic 5 is probably not enough: you need a sensor with a faster read-out time (the one on your camera has a read-out time of roughly 60ms, cut to 20ms by readin only one of every 3 lines)

  • Trankilstef on 02.22.12 @ 7:01PM

    Shadowind you’re right !!
    I tested the EOS C300 in Paris a few weeks ago and I was talkin’ about the future 5d MkIII with the Canon guy.
    I told him i’m first a filmmaker and I would love to upgrade from my 7d to the C300 (which is by the way absolutely stunning), but way too pricey for my budget, so I may stick with the 5d MkIII.
    And the Canon guy told me that if I could wait, I should. Because according to him, there’s a baby C300 on the way. Expect it by the end of the year he said…
    Actually if he’s right, Canon will announce a 4k camera by the mid year (as we all know), and after this high end annoucement and the release, they will launch the new one, a cheaper C300 style camera, so that the EOS Cinema line can be completed with 3 cameras. The C300 being in the middle of this class of cameras.

  • John Jeffreys on 02.22.12 @ 8:15PM

    Now the prosumer sheep will dump their perfectly fine 5d 2′s on craigslist for rock bottom prices, and I can finally get one :)

  • I’m sticking with my 5d mark ii

  • Clayton Arnall on 02.22.12 @ 9:31PM

    I might go cry in a corner if it doesn’t have 1080p/60. But really what are the chances considering the C300 doesn’t even have it.

  • Michael Locke on 02.23.12 @ 12:30AM

    If not clean HDMI out, something more than 480P for monitoring AND leave the rear lcd option. After that mountain, they could try magnification WHILE recording. No, I’ll just stay with Magic Lantern and Canon will do what Canon will do…

  • if canon is hesitant about cannibalizing there sales in others divisions or in there higher end cameras like the c300 then another company like nikon or panasonic or any other company can very well come in and take care of that so i think this could be the case here. i think companies like sony, canon and nikon are in a predicament here.

    • I think Canon is the only one with an issue on their hands. Atleast for now. Sony has plenty of cameras that scale evenly between each other. For now Canon is the only company with a gigantic leap between products. And the C300 doesn’t out spec a DLSR by very much, so it would be easy to catch up. Other than RAW capture in a consumer product everything else is out here already. Atleast as far as essentials go.

      Also, the 5D is a photography staple as well. They can’t focus on just video. Expecially after investing in a cinema branch. Canon made it very clear that they want to separate the EOS lines.

  • one thing i would really like to see an improvement on for this is the audio capturing ability. if the mic input can be cleaned up a little bit to just use a simple mic attached to it, it will greatly increase mobility and reduce the amount of time spend in post to sync audio, cause we all know even with the auto-sync in FCPX it still is another step that keeps you from jumping into cutting and splicing.

    • John Jeffreys on 02.23.12 @ 3:15AM

      eh, the cameras dont have much room for a nice preamp, which dictates good/bad onboard sound. besides, onboard sound is for lazy people :p be a man, film the real mans way, with an external recorder and boom mic

  • I’d love to see some higher frame rates. 1080p/60 or 50 for PAL.

  • Is that $3500 the SRP or what we’ll actually be paying?

  • The FS100 already has the features everyone wants, as far as video goes.

    • It doesn’t take EF mount lenses as far as I know? Cause then I’d probably go for it…

      • It does. Metabones has an adapter that let it communicate with ef yourll get electronic aperture and stuff.

    • John Jeffreys on 02.23.12 @ 2:30PM

      except its 5,000 dollars, made of plastic, uses a lens mount nobody cares about, and measures its iso in “gain” which is an archaic method from the old days of camcorders

      • Firmware update will fix the “gain” issue, as it will read in ISO whenever it comes out- There is an EF to E mount adapter that adjusts iris, just on backorder. I dumped my 5D2 for the FS100 and have been pleased at the switch. Still use my 60d and canon glass for backup and b-cam as well.

    • It doesn’t have built in ND filters….whyyyyyy?

  • While I’ve been following 5D Mark III news like a hawk for the past year, it’s definitely beyond my budget point.

    That being said, I’m excited for the T4i, definitely something I can shoot for (no pun intended). Here’s hoping for Digic 5, GH2 like video processing, headphone jack, audio level monitoring, etc.!

    • I’m excited too for T4i, cause finally I will be able to get T3i without feeling that I paid too much for it.

      • John Jeffreys on 02.24.12 @ 3:12AM

        im using a t2i right now for all my work and its a piece of crap, even though i have it rigged out and with magic lantern, it cant for the life of it keep a fucking image noiseless at 320 iso in a daytime interior scene. its depressing. i need a 5d

  • This camera is what the D800 SHOULD have been. Makes me want to jump ship and Ive been shooting Nikon for over 20 years. I never expected these words to come out of my mouth, but Canon has actually made a camera that I want!

    • Ummm… D4?

    • So you prefer NOT having the uncompressed via HDMI out, headphone jack and audio levels?

    • Your comment must be a marketing plant. To say that a 5DmkIII is what a “D800 should have been” makes no sense when there have been no specs announced. None. A rumor of dual card slots, 1 megapixel increase and a $1000 price increase (which I don’t believe) cant compare to the D800′s uncompressed output, timelapse recording, headphone jack, weather proofing.

    • Really? The 61 pt AF is a “simplified” version for the 1D X vs Nikon d800 full pro AF, same as D4. Same metering on D800 as D4. Canon again cripples 5d3 metering vs 1D X. Clean hdmi 8bit 4;2;2 video out on the d800…not on new 5d3. Crop mode on d800 still provides a 15.5mp image (6fps) Vs about 8mp on 5d3. Shoot at iso6400 on d800, downsize to 16 to 18mp and it will easily compete with 5d3 at iso6400. This is based on seeing sample images from the 1D X!!! And you pay $500 more for the 5d3??!! I can go on….do I need to?

      Go read the dpreview canon forums. Abundance of anger. If ..IF…canon really does release a “crippled” 5d3 for $500 more than the D800, it’s gonna get ugly.

  • This is a PHOTO camera. People, stop pretending that this camera was made for filming cause its not. For budget indie filmakers, Sony already got you covered with the FS100, it has a real cinema camera sensor, an S35, it is amazing in lowligjt, has dual xlr inputs, can record to ssd and sd cards simultaneously, and can output a full 10bit 4:4:4 if the recorder ever becomes available. And it has a fantastic overcrank framerate of 60 fps in 1080p! Something that the C300 and any canon camera under it will NEVER have! And currently only match by the RED cameras. Lenses are not a problem because its emount, which pretty much have an adaptor for any lens that exists..yes all your canon, nikkors,leicas and PLs will fit in this thing. And youll have all that for just 5000 USD! Thats a lot cheaper than buying this hypothetical 5D and building a crazy rig with it which will make you surpass that price by double or tripple anyway.

    If your buying dslrs for the pirposes of filmmaking and your willing to spend this much on a body, your looking at the wring brand. Sony have already started killing the dslr filmmaking tools with real cinema cameras starting with the FS100.

  • If the Canon m3 dosen’t have clean output via the hdmi port I will consider moving to the Nikon D800.

  • I don’t see the reason for the price o be 3500.00 for a camera that is basically no different then the MK II. the only change is autofocus and dual card slots. Sorry to say it but those sound more like a 7D successor then a 5D. Especially since the pics resemble the7D layout more than the 5D. Canon is gonna lose a lot of business to Nikon if this is their answer to the D800.

    • John Jeffreys on 02.23.12 @ 6:40PM

      I am pretty sure there is going to be improved noise in low light/all-i and ipb codecs like on the 1D-X, and probably some moire reduction

  • The 2.7 times crop mode on the D4 is what I’m really looking forward to. My 70-200 2.8 will become a 540mm 2.8 :)

  • I agree if this is all Canon are coming up with the NIkonD800 is looking good. Sadly a Canon user for most of my life, but . . . . :(

  • I’d like the next 5D to have a vari-angle LCD screen, please, like my 60D.

  • Can’t wait for the 5D Mk III, It’s been a long wait.

    Here’s a new short film shot on the Canon 5D Mk II & Nikon D7000:

  • $2999 seems more realistic to me.

  • Nice work. I like it and nice time lapses .

  • I don’t know if it’s me just being silly but I’d love to have a live view mode stay on the camera lcd even after you HDMI out for another monitor. That would be nice.

  • GH2 sucks at low light and has a small sensor so reduced dof creative possibilities.

  • unfortunately for budget fellas like myself, ive heard that it can end up costing as high as 5k

  • with the improvements that are speculated, this camera will be
    worth every penny.. Seems a bargain at $3500.

  • Dennis Phillips on 02.25.12 @ 6:49AM

    Ummm, am I the only 1 that thinks that the Canon 5d Mark 3 doesn’t have enough new features?
    For example, on the Video side, I would like:
    2) to be able to shoot in 60p & 120p
    3) be able to record Video without the camera turning off every 10 minutes
    4) 4:2:2 Color Space

    For the Photo Side, I would like the Camera to be able to WHITE BALANCE better.

    • Am I the only one who thinks that people who complain about the 5D’s video features ignore the face that this is a camera designed for STILL PHOTOGRAPHY?

      • And that is the “problem” with it.

        I’d venture to guess that the vast majority of 5D purchases were motivated by the video feature. Canon sort of stumbled into a gold-mine here.

        But they don’t appear to be properly taking advantage of it. While the 5D may have been designed for still photography, one can’t ignore the fact that it was it’s video feature that made it a huge success. As far as I’m concerned, they could eliminate the still photo function of the 5D altogether. My only interest in the 5D is it’s HD video.

  • film maker supreme on 02.25.12 @ 6:53AM

    well i’m getting three, ha!

  • Omg…those specs are NOT “confirmed”. All of this shit is a rumor and the only reason why people think it will be announced on the 28th is because that is the date when Canon’s non-disclosure agreements are set to expire. Everyone should just stop worrying about the “specs” and wait until the damn camera is actually announced.

  • The “improvements” made are not worth 600.00 dollars more than what the MK II was priced at. I still think this is a 7D upgrade. I hope so cause I have been saving to upgrade to full frame. I won’t for these specs. Might have to go to the dark side if Canon doesn’t have an answer. :(