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JVC Getting in on the Action Camera Market with the GC-XA1 Adixxion

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JVC GC-XA1 Adixxion POV CameraNot to be outdone by GoPro, Contour, and newcomer Sony, JVC is entering the action camera market with the unfortunately named GC-XA1 Adixxion. Are we about to see an explosion in action or “pov” cameras? GoPro has a healthy lead in this area, and it looks like the big guys, namely Sony and JVC, feel that the semi-disposable wearable camera market is only going to grow in the near future. JVC, however, is looking at the higher-end possibilities with this camera, and they’ve made the Adixxion a lot more fully-featured than the competition.

Here are some videos showing off the Adixxion in action:

These are the main features of the JVC camera:

  • Quad-Proof Design: 16.4 ft. (5m) Waterproof/6.6 ft. (2m) Shockproof/Dust proof/Freeze proof
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (smartphone linking, streaming and remote control functions)
  • 5M CMOS Sensor
  • 1.5-inch LCD Monitor
  • 5x Digital Zoom
  • Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS)
  • Full HD 1920×1080 30p Recording
  • 5 Megapixel Stills
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot
  • Time-Lapse REC
  • White Balance (Auto & Manual) / Exposure (Auto)
  • Self-timer
  • HDMI® Terminal (mini)

Unlike the GoPro devices, JVC is building the Adixxion with pretty much every feature you can think of as standard. They are pulling out all the stops right from the get-go, with built in WiFi as a standard feature. This is one of the most interesting competitors to GoPro that I’ve seen so far, and it looks like it just might surpass the Sony action camera in specs. At $350, it’s a little more expensive than the higher-end GoPro models, but it has a few more features and seems to be built like a tank. The only question is when Canon and Panasonic are going to enter the action camera market. Hopefully thanks to the competition the trend will be more features for lower prices, as I don’t think people will want to spend another $350 if it gets lost or drops off a mountain.

The JVC camera should be out sometime this summer, but in the meantime, what do you guys think of it compared to the competition?

[via The Verge & Cinescopophilia & Pitch Engine]


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  • No 24p???? Sad face.

  • john jeffreys on 06.29.12 @ 9:42PM

    They should make one for 100 dollars, shaped like a stick of gum and plugs into your computer via usb directly.

  • Why is it so many camera companies have not figured out that naming devices something like “GC-XA1 Adixxion” is a terrible idea? Honestly, even Canon’s naming system is confusing, though it’s much simpler….no human being is ever going to say, “Man, I really want that GC-XA1 Adixxion!” because they’re not going to be able to remember all that crap. (And even if they do, they won’t remember the utterly idiotic spelling of addiction).

    I’m not at all impressed with Apple hardware of late, but camera companies should be taking a hint from the way they name things: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Airport, Thunderbolt, etc. etc. It’s very simple, easy to remember, and descriptive. RED does a good job with this as well.

    I know that JVC (or Sony, Panny, Canon, etc.) make a lot more different products than Apple or RED, but that’s no excuse for naming things with random letters and numbers. There’s a reason GoPro’s camera is called the HD Hero and not the GoPro GX7-9i23 Ackshun or some idiotic crap like that.

    Human beings have names that are pretty short and easy to remember, and there are 6.3 billion of us. If JVC really can’t think of a good name for this thing, they should just call it the JVC Fred Wilkins or something. That would at least be much easier to remember and search for.

    /rant (sorry…..)

    • I was considering going on my own rant in my post once I saw the name but you’ve summed up my thoughts exactly. It’s mostly the Japanese companies that suffer from this, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the language/cultural differences between Japan and Europe/America.

      But you’re right, there’s no question it’s a bad name. They could have just called it the JVC POV. I mean that would have been catchy and it describes exactly what the camera will be used for. When you come out with a new version, give it a number. The JVC POV 1. The longer the name the more you make people think the operation of the camera will be extremely complicated.

      • john jeffreys on 06.30.12 @ 2:43PM

        JVC POV sounds like a porn camera.

      • Yes, it is part of the culture, unfortunately… Actually it’s especially previlent among the engineer- type. I was a translator, and I had to deal with that all the time! They rarely gave me any leeway for better fluidity in English. Come to think of it, that’s one of the reasons why I’m not translating regularly any longer. I blame them for my pre-mature hair loss!

      • Nikon named their newest compact camera the “Nikon 1″ :)

    • It’s a worthwhile rant.

    • Daniel Mimura on 06.30.12 @ 5:10AM

      That’s the funniest comment I think I’ve ever read on here.

      I’m still amazed marketing people still put “X” into anything action/skateboard/snowboard oriented… That “generation x” stuff from the early to mid-nineties….still! The “extreme sports”…the X games…that stuff’s already older than half of the people they’re trying to market it to.

      Yeah, Apple and Red have been better…but both corporations, particularly Red, are gettting dangerously close to going down that MacDonald’s route…McChicken, McMuffin, McRibs… At least Apple doesn’t have the iMacBook…not every single product is “i” something. REDucation, Redmag…Redvolt…etc.

      It’s getting as annoying as Panavision with the Panatape and the Panahead…at least they’ve cooled off lately.

      • Yeah, I find that style of naming obnoxious too, but at least it makes sense. When you hear “McGriddle” or “RedVolt,” you know who is making it and have a decent idea of what it is immediately. You might also throw up a little in your mouth if like me you’re sensitive to dumb gimmicks, but at least it’s a functional dumb gimmick…

        ….Now I’m imagining if things were the other way around and McDonalds went the Japanese electronics company route: “Introducing McDonalds’ new savory FXI-98B XXXtreme. All the big taste of the GHB-72 Indigggo, but half the calories!”

  • Footage looks very soft compared to the GoPro Hero 2, nice features tho.

  • I think this whole niche is very hype-oriented. I’ve had a Contour for a year, sucked in by hype and low prices, but the excitement wore off after I mounted it on my helmet and did some group bicycle rides, such as Critical Mass. The POV absolutely sucked, seeing people’s butts. It might be more interesting mounted backwards.

    Wi-fi, CMOS, DIS, waterproof, etc., all sound nice on paper, but mostly I think POV really has to be considered before buying into this hype. For narcissists POV is easy, just mount it somewhere looking at yourself.

    I use mine in water now, so there’s hope for useful footage.

  • Daniel Mimura on 06.30.12 @ 5:23AM

    The jello is just as atrocious as with the GoPro. I would definitely sacrifice resolution for more technology/resources/processing power for some way to buffer against it…(and at least uprez something that doesn’t look like an acid trip). Action cameras by their nature are going to be put into situations that lead to more jello…

    I use my GoPro far less than I would like b/c there isn’t much I can do with the footage. We’re used to seeing onboard cameras in pro sports, particularly motorsport, and we accept that the resolution and sharpness are going to be significantly less than the manned cameras…and we’re okay with it, but that footage is never as jiggly as this “GCXA1-Adixxion” footage.

  • The Sony is going to be hard to beat, like I said in the Sony post, the Sony shoots 120fps at 720p. At least the prototype did that I used on a job 3 weeks ago.

  • Well… I’m gonna get one, tape it to my stomach and call my girlfriend.

  • no 60 and 120 fps?! forget about it. deal braker big time! IMHO

  • GoPro has such a strong hold on this market. If companies want to really compete, they’ll have to make a camera that is around $200. At the end of the day, these cameras are being placed in extreme situations and nobody wants to lose or damage a camera that costs more than a GoPro.

  • Jackespargo on 07.3.12 @ 11:30AM

    Still I’d rather go with a GO PRO and shoot 60fps and 120fps if I wished to do so

  • While yes the name is a bit “winded” I thought the video samples were excellent! Does it record Audio as well…that would have been nice to know. What are the specs on the lens…is it glass or plastic?
    Whats the battery life? As far as Action/POV Cams go, it would seem that 2 things are important…Durability and Recording Quality. For slow-mo, it would be nice to record in 60p.
    I don’t think price will be too much of an issue, nor the name for that matter, for what looks like a great little Camera!!

  • Too late ordered the Gopro Hero 2 yesterday, am I gonna be disapointed when all these other “action pov” type cams come out?

  • How can you put on the market a camera for these purposes without a global shutter?

  • Looks like a nice piece of kit, but it is a lot of money if I want just a basic POV camera… Yazis, you will be disspaointed as there are better units out there. Don’t get me wrong, GoPro has been amazing but they need to move on from what they designed 2 years ago. The ION guys have burst onto the scene and they seem to have a very cool product.. Have not seen it at retail yet but have read a lot about it.. I would wait another month to see what evolves….