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Get a New Royalty Free Music Track Every Day for the Month of July

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Looking to add some new music to your filmmaking arsenal? Neumann Films is giving away a free music or sound element track every day for the month of July. All of the tracks being released in the Daily Freebie project are “100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (Luke Neumann – “Track Name Here”).” Here are a couple of samples of the music that has been released thus far:

In addition to this daily orchestral goodness, Neumann also has made available 5 different versions of his Painted Hills track, also for free with attribution. And if you’re looking for more music and sound elements check out The Trailer Toolbag which “features over 275 songs, rises, intros, drum hits, climaxes, sound design elements, and much more,” all for a mere $40.

Link: Neumann Films – Daily Freebie



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  • Great deal. Good music too. Royalty free is so important to us bootstrappers. Thanks, Luke!

  • Thanks so much for the link!! I have been worrying about having to spend a lot of money on music that I could use freely, and this article couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks a million!

  • Just call him Luke Zimmer.

  • Really appreciate the link. Came at a very appropriate time. I am just a newbe at making short movies and it gets pretty expensive when you start buying music.
    Thank you so much.

  • Get the music for free, and make sure you give away your finished videos for totally free, too. It’s the new method to beat greedy Hollywood at its own money-grabbing game! Cool.

  • john jeffreys on 07.12.12 @ 4:38PM

    Meh. Any serious filmmaker would know that the best way to get music for your films is to have lots of friends that are musicians. For example, I help one band with their music video or photos, and they help me by scoring my short.

    • This made me laugh. Is that how all commercial work is done? Is that how every single trailer and ad you see is done? Mmmmmno. Any “serious” filmmaker knows there is a very larger market for this.

      • john jeffreys on 07.15.12 @ 2:55AM

        i dont do commercial work. nor ads. i do trailers though, in the manner of which i described. im probably a more serious filmmaker than you are, you commercialist douche.

        • Nice ‘tude. I can see why you don’t do commercial work. Part of being a “serious” filmmakers is being able to work well with others and you seem to be missing this key component. Might want to work on that.

          • john jeffreys on 07.19.12 @ 9:30PM

            who says “tude” lol. I dont do commercial work because I dont want to do it. So dont try to be all elitist. I make what I want and people love me for it so you can pull your pants up bro because we can all see your hater panties.

        • “people love me for it” = LOL

  • So I’m downloading some music and then realize are these all free??? Don’t know I just stopped downloading and noticed the songs when saved to my computer don’t say”Freebie # ?

    Now what if I use the music can I prove I was given it for free?

  • Thanks so much! Great tracks.

  • Yes, great tracks. Just bought your Trailer pack as well…. We’re working on a few trailers right now and it looks like you’ve got exactly what we need. Thanks.

  • Now this is how filmmakers help each other. Free high quality music?! Luke is awesome! I’ve downloaded all the free tracks so far, bought the trailer toolbag (well worth the $40), and have been recommending his site to everyone! I’ve already put some of his music in my upcoming short film, and am more excited than ever for the release! Thanks Luke, and NoFilmSchool!​marcnsamshow

  • This music is great ! And its royalty free too. Cool :)

  • Sweet! Thank you Luke :) My main composers have been too busy lately so this will come in handy at times where I need something there. Great sounding stuff too!

  • Hi Luke. We are an Indie Film group, from India, who are starting with shorts, and would move to features, soon (hopefully).
    We’d love to use your music for the shorts. Its interesting, and extremely varied.
    Thanks for the gr8 tracks
    Warm regards

  • You are the man! Loved the music :D