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Vimeo to Make Uploading Videos More Convenient with Dropbox Integration

08.30.12 @ 9:05PM Tags : , ,

More than a few of you have probably heard of Vimeo, the video sharing site that caters to artists and creatives (and also runs a film festival). For the most part, it’s the anti-YouTube, with minimal advertising (none if you’re a Plus user). YouTube doesn’t always play nice with video files, and I’ve found that videos uploaded to Vimeo tend to look better. Unfortunately, actually uploading a video can be hit or miss at times (again, even if you’re a Plus member), so Vimeo is introducing a few new features — like Dropbox integration — to make getting your videos online easier and more reliable. You can watch their video introducing the features below.

Here is a little more on the Dropbox connectivity:

  • If you depend on Dropbox for syncing and storing all your videos files, you don’t have to visit Vimeo to upload them again. One less step!
  • Auto-upload any video you save to Dropbox. Just choose your auto-upload folder, save a video there and we’ll handle the rest.
  • When uploading from Dropbox, you can leave the browser window as soon as you start uploading. No need to babysit a progress bar.

Obviously these are welcome features, and for anyone who has had downloads go to 99% and crash — or simply not work at all — creating additional ways to reliably get your videos online is quite a relief. More than the Dropbox integration, I actually really like that they’ve added a “pause upload” feature. I really could have used that when I had spotty internet connections at NAB this year. As far as the thumbnail selector, it will certainly save time by allowing you to select a frame right from the video online.

Vimeo is a great service, and the fact that they can store your original uploaded file (and allow others to download it) is a huge positive over YouTube. If you want to read more about Dropbox integration as well as the thumbnail selector, click on the links below.



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  • Has anyone noticed that vimeo darkens uploaded videos a bit? I wonder if they do this to avoid macroblocking in the shadows. Or maybe they are assuming 16-235 color encoding and crushing the blacks to 0-255. Or maybe it’s the web browser’s gamma. I’ve heard a variety of theories, could someone shed, ha ha, light?

    • Yes, as with all video services (and graphics cards) they expect studio RGB (16-235) color space and play it back with a filter to bring everything to computer RGB levels. As you should do with all your video renderings, export with a sRGB color profile.

      • Well it’s annoying because it defeats WYSIWYG.

        Rec.709′s 16-235 thing was designed to provide headroom and footroom for analog broadcast and CRT’s, both of which are now dead and gone. Now we work on computers, digitally on LEDs and plasmas etc, which we can calibrate to a given gamma (to e.g. make sRGB values of 16,16,16 look black rather than gray). But if you then pull up your video on the same monitor after vimeo encoding, they’ve crushed your blacks. So you would need two monitors or at least two gammas, one to do the color work and one to do the QA post-compression after uploading. Right? And why is that still a good idea in 2012?

        This is one of the only technical areas I’m still stumped on. What are the best practices for working with vimeo, Youtube, etc.? Their own advices are no good…for instance, they tell you to upload in a specific format including 30fps but the more experienced people I’ve worked with tell me to go ahead and upload in 24fps and it works fine. You can just use the Compressor presets etc. and things look OK but when I’m trying to do specific things with color grading it changes things on me and Youtube seems to do other things. The Chrome browser apparently has it’s own odd gamma that it applies.

        I would love an article that really goes into depth on the pitfalls and best practices for web delivery. We all need to know this now.

        • It really is a messy business. That’s why I say, just work and render in sRGB. Even the desktop players get it wrong sometimes, with graphics cards adding their own full range filters on-top of player’s filters; there really are no standards. And as for the frame rates: the servers usually encode matching source frame rates.

  • john jeffreys on 08.30.12 @ 9:54PM

    they should fix their shitty encoding/video quality first.

      • john jeffreys on 08.30.12 @ 11:15PM

        and their volume adjustment bar. its impossible to make it completely muted, because the last bar is so tiny to click, its only like a few pixels wide. it needs a dedicated mute button.

    • Or those lovely fun times when encoding gets stuck in an interminable queue (and yes, I’m a Plus user).

    • Jeez John. It’s compressed web video… what services offer better quality than Vimeo? Be helpful at least and tell others where to go for something better if you’re going to complain. A good alternative is ____?

      • Kristoffer S. on 08.31.12 @ 8:01AM

        A good alternative will be H.265, and they better use it to improve the video quality instead of just reducing the file sizes.

        • Kristoffer S. on 08.31.12 @ 8:03AM

          Sorry, I meant improvement, not alternative!

        • My most pressing request is that we be allowed to buy better default viewing quality. When I upload a music video to Youtube and vimeo, on vimeo you get decent audio by default though new users will have HD turned off. At least it remembers the HD setting, and I have bought the 1080p subscription. I would like vimeo to let me buy “HD is ON” for my videos by default, unless the bandwidth or screen size is too small to benefit that (they have the ability to determine that automatically, even if they haven’t implemented it).

          On Youtube the audio quality is absolutely dreadful by default no matter what you do…the user has to manually up the quality level for every video they watch. I would like to be able to buy at least a better audio bitrate on Youtube…192kbps is not much more bandwidth than the 96kbps or whatever they are using be default now. There’s no need to provide better audio for all the crap that gets uploaded onto there, they can save their money and bandwidth for that, but at least give us the opportunity to buy better default sound for our videos ferchrissakes.

          And to be utterly clear, I am happy enough with the top quality both services provide, I am talking about the content maker paying the hosting service to improve the viewer’s _default_ quality settings for a specific video or channel of videos. So that when they play my video they needn’t change anything it will suddenly sound better than all the crap on there usually does. I will pay for this privelege. Take my dadgum money.

          • You should check the settings page at:
            “What about source files, mobile, and HD embedding?”
            Theres a checkbox “Always play my videos in HD, when possible” that looks like what you want.

          • I have that on, but sometimes when I visit vimeo for the first time on a browser (no cookie or login) it still plays my videos without HD on by default. When I tested it just now it did work. So maybe there’s some sort of sensing going on as to whether HD should be on.

            I want that feature for Youtube. At least the audio. How expensive would it be for them to just up the audio bandwidth of the whole site? I think poor sound quality was one of the things that killed off myspace…it makes the whole place feel like a grungy neighborhood full of tacky and run down stores. Vimeo is tasteful and I am happy to support them.

      • john jeffreys on 08.31.12 @ 1:29PM

        Youtube looks better.

  • WOW these features are great!!!
    I didn’t quite get it from the video, but maybe the upload via dropbox is much, much faster; because “server to server” :)

    And the new thumbnail feature – even more awesome!

    I don’t know any site that’s more suited for filmmakers and video enthusiasts.

    • well,… most of the time Vimeo is much quicker in uploading than Dropbox, so if speed is your goal…

  • I’ve been using dropbox for a while for overnight renders. The client has a weblink to the export folder (for his project only off-course). The client gets an automated message if there is a new file added to the folder, and give his comments. I don’t really see how I can easily integrate Vimeo in this workflow.

    But this dropbox uploading feature might come in handy as a pseudo post-render action. So i would probably make a dropbox folder called, “upload to Vimeo” and see if i find any use for it.

  • marsupial_264 on 08.31.12 @ 3:56AM

    Big fan of Vimeo+, although ‘Tube is good for massive amounts of troll hits, for those interested in numbers.

    Vimeo thumbnail selection is stellar, particularly for embedding on a blog or website. Also end-of-video options and file replacement. ‘Tube can’t really touch this. But it seems the public only knows ‘Tube and most (?) shooters prefer ‘Tube to get trillions of troll hits and nasty comments with bad words.

  • Some much needed features added. We just need video skipping now (without downloading first) like YT.

    I like the ability to pause uploads, that’ll definitely come in handy for me. I used to use the desktop uploader just for the pause ability (my connection is dodgy) but that stopped working and then they discontinued it. So I’ve been waiting for this for some time.

    • I’m not sure why people don’t know this but you can skip around in all Vimeo videos – just click forward and the video will start playing again from wherever you clicked in the timeline.

      • That functionality arrived with their HTML5 player. The old Flash-based player didn’t allow it. He might be stuck on the old player somehow.

        • Yeah, HTML5 playback has never worked too well for me. Too many bugs, maybe I should give it another try.

          • It works with Flash, too. I just tried it. I’m on a browser that is clearly loading the videos with Flash (based on the fact that when I right-click I get Flash settings), and I can click forward in the timeline.

      • He mean skip before full buffer video, this future is useful for most low internet connection, like in YouTube, try it in YouTube and you will see..

  • Unfortunately they discontinued the Vimeo Uploader (desktop uploader). IMO the only thing missing was a dedicated “replace video” function/button. This little app with the ability to pause uploads always worked very well for me. Does anyone know why they’ve decided to discontinue it?

    • They said that there were too many system specific bugs with the desktop app, and that they’d rather spend those resources on improving the web uploader.

  • Michael Locke on 08.31.12 @ 8:42AM

    I’m sorry, but they’re animation did not make the information more “fun”, it just took more of my time. Love the attitude of Vimeo, but the nuts and bolts kill you. My biggest problem is finding videos. I’ve typed in the exact title in the finder box, no luck. Only by link, or video # can you get there. Do they know that their growth is stunted by so many functional flaws? This is a start towards what they want to be: the more professional content creator’s choice. I hope they want to hear us…

  • I agree that it is very, very difficult to find videos on vimeo by searching. It’s results are absolutely bizzare sometimes. I regularly upload videos with lots of tags and when I try searching for them with those tags, they still never appear in the first page or two. Drives me crazy.

    Also, you can replace a video Yves. Once you upload a file, go into the settings, then Video File, and there’s the Replace this video button. I hope this is what you were looking for.

  • I’ve always used Youtube to upload hobbiest video’s so excuse my noobness.

    I’ve recently started producing a weekly video series for a client & they’re requesting a way to require clients pay for access to their videos. They currently use dropbox & so I figurted I’d further explore this new integration as a possible avenue.

    Is there a way to incorperate into this workflow a method for users to pay per video? What about for access to their video section/ page? Thanks in advance.

  • In response to those saying YouTube is better than Vimeo or complaining about the shortcomings of Vimeo… YouTube is backed by Google, who have very deep pockets. I’m sure their server farm is INSANE in scope and capacity. The shear volume of content that is added to their site EVERY HOUR must be staggering. The fact that Vimeo can even compete with YouTube is impressive. I’m not sure about the compression quality difference between them, but I do notice that Vimeo seems to drop frames more when playing back HD content… I don’t get a smooth 30 or even 24fps usually. But the many features that Vimeo has that YouTube doesn’t is very nice. We’ve shared many passworded partially completed projects via Vimeo to other team members.

    Vimeo has such a nicer atmosphere and interface than YouTube, and typically, better mannered users. YouTube is a troll nest. While Vimeo has it’s fair share of film-maker wanna-be know-it-alls, it’s still a much happier and friendlier place.

    I wish Vimeo all the best and have no problem supporting them by paying the $60 for a plus membership every year. Is Vimeo perfect? No. But it’s constantly improving. If more of the people that use Vimeo regularly actually paid for it, I’m sure it’s improvement would accelerate.

    It’s disappointing to see so many free-loaders on the internet these days that expect every service to be awesome and FREE all the time.

  • Hi – can anyone tell me how to upload off my SD card multiple video files as one file that plays through? It’s from auditions & it seems every time I pause the camera between takes it makes a new file?