Long-time friends and colleagues, Christopher Ross and Sam McCurdy, are two of the cinematographers of FX’s mini-series, Shōgun. Filming this series was an incredible experience full of lessons in Japanese culture, lenses, and shooting with cranes.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and special guest, cinematographer Ryan Thomas, speak with DPs Christopher Ross and Sam McCurdy to discuss:

  • How Chris and Sam met
  • The type of friendships you hold onto in the industry
  • What it was like working with an international cast and crew on Shōgun
  • The singular perspectives that ran throughout the larger storyline
  • What it was like working with other DPs
  • The lenses they chose to use in this project
  • Letting the camera find special moments without much interference
  • What an ASC masterclass is
  • What gave the show its atmospheric texture
  • Bringing truth and honesty to every episode
  • Why making mistakes is so valuable'



Original 1980 Shogun series

ASC Masterclass

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