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Discounts on Final Draft Writer App and Final Draft 8 End Sept. 30

We’ve posted about these discounts before, but since both deals expire shortly, it’s worth mentioning one last time. Final Draft is selling its long-awaited Writer app for iPad at the App Store for $29.99 until Sept. 30, a 40% savings off the list price of $49.99. If you’re not a Final Draft user or you need to upgrade to Final Draft 8, The Writers Store is selling its Final Draft 8 Platinum Edition Package for $169 (32% off Final Draft 8 sticker price) and Final Draft 8 upgrades for $59 (40% discount). The Writers Store discounts also end Sept. 30, so if you’re looking to making the switch or upgrade to Final Draft 8, or add Final Draft Writer to your mobile arsenal, time is of the essence. Check out the video below for an overview of the new Final Draft Writer.

You can buy the Final Draft Writer at the App Store. For the desktop Final Draft 8 application, make sure to take advantage of The Writers Store discounts for the full package or upgrade version for substantial savings.



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