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ikan's D5 5.6 Inch Monitor Goes Head to Head with SmallHD and TVLogic

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The external monitor market has exploded in the last few years, and companies like SmallHD and TVLogic have a ton of new competition. As filmmakers we now have plenty of exciting options like ikan’s 5.6″ D5 monitor, which features HD-SDI and HDMI pass-through and a 1280 x 800 IPS panel. Rick Macomber of DSLR News Shooter takes a look at ikan’s new monitor in the video review below.

For Canon DSLR shooters, the D5 will compensate for the lower resolution (and thus reduced screen size) once you hit record on cameras like the Canon T2i, T3i, 60D, and 5D Mark II. This is an essential feature as an external monitor loses a lot of its usefulness if the picture is only filling a small part of the screen. If you’ve got a Canon 7D, you won’t have a problem, as the 7D outputs a full 720p after hitting record.

The D5 comes in two models, a standard panel with HD-SDI/HDMI for $900 and a higher-priced model called the D5w that retails for $1080 and features waveform, RGB parade, and vectorscope. During my time at NAB I interviewed Ryan Aivalis of ikan and he walked through all of the company’s new monitor options. Since the D5 and D5w share a similar panel to many of the other higher-end external monitors, quality was certainly comparable. I actually own a SmallHD DP6 and have been very happy with it, but if I were looking for my first monitor right now I would definitely be considering these panels, especially since they are a little cheaper for the features they include (like pass-through).


[via DSLR News Shooter]

Disclosure: ikan is a NoFilmSchool advertiser.


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  • I would be more interested in the Atomos Ninja 2/Samurai. Recorder and monitor in one package. I think these field monitors should all be under $500 at this point and the Atomos justifies its premium with the ability to capture ProRes. Failing the Atomos, I would rather spend on an EVF which is going to help in more situations. Zacuto’s is good, and lets you repurpose a DSLR loupe in the package.

    All the new cameras stand to benefit from either Atomos or EVF or both but will not benefit particularly from these field monitors. The video village will want something bigger anyway. Crane work?

    • The only problem with Atomos’ monitors is the screen resolution of 800X480. I use a Ninja2 with my D800 and it’s awesome for recording and focus assist, but I do find myself looking at the camera’s screen to double check how the image actually looks. A small annoyance but an important one to factor into your options.

    • Daniel Mimura on 09.20.12 @ 5:23PM

      SmallHD’s new DP7-pro (coming out very soon) will have an SD card slot. And HD-SDI.

      • Daniel Mimura on 09.20.12 @ 5:31PM

        Of course it’s $2700, but that’s 1/2 of the cost of the steadicam SD monitor (which is 30% dimmer and doesn’t have HD-SDI or HDMI) I’m planning on using it to replace.

  • I don’t know how Rick’s video can be called a review – should be changed to ‘quick overview of features’. I know this had to get out quickly to help drive traffic to the site but c’mon :-)

    How about:

    Color fidelity
    Peaking Accuracy
    Lag time
    Performance with different cameras

    Just to name a few…
    Battery life

  • Apart from the 7D and 5D Mark III, the new T4i/650D also has full HD out while recording. Judging focus on an upscaled 480p signal is quite hard, so to me the Full HD out during recording is a must have when you use an external monitor.

  • Sorry but when the montior is more expensive than the camera body, you have to question the price! This is far too much money for the consumer independent market and for that reason, it will not sell well.

    • Hey you don’t have to be sorry! You’re just mistaken. :) Yeah the price is too high for a consumer-level market. But who said that was it’s market? This is on the cheap end of pro gear. Pretty much every accessory you buy is going to be more expensive than your T2i. Cameras are cheap! Be thankful for that.

      As for this ‘review’, this isn’t a review, it’s an advertisement that just lists features. Look how bad the build quality looks in the macro shots (particularly of the screw mount). A review would have discussed the balance of price to build quality (amongst a plethora of other things).

    • Theres no such thing as consumer independent, there is a very receptive market for this monitor. Its got a lot a features that should not be undervalued.

      • What? Of course there is…thats why sites like this and cinema5d exist. Why do you think there are so many kickstarter projects with lads in their garages wanting a piece of the film action in a much more independent (low budget) environment. If you buy a T2i and then expect everything else to cost more, then why not just start at the higher end with a RED? I don’t get your point of view.

        • Indie has been thrown around to whimsically. There is consumer No budget, there is not consumer independent, independent means that you have raised funds to produce your feature film without funding from studios, independents films that get distribution average at around $750,000 to $1,000,000. Thats very far from consumers with t2is. My point is that filmmaking is the most expensive art form. You can’t complain about costs if you wanna make movies. Its like complaining that maintaining horse is to pricey if you want to be an equestrian. Just because cameras are more affordable doesn’t mean that the other tools needed to make a film will drop in price.

        • Reasonable quality gear costs more than your t2i. You can expect whatever you want, that doesnt make it so. There’s not really any debate here.

          • If thats the case why use cameras like the T2i why not step up to the same cash you’re forking out for a $2000 LED light? Move to an Arri or RED?

            The product in question is a consumer product found in most electronic shops so why is there not a range of gear that fits the same price margin? Because there’s only a handful of people making film with them in a production like team! So small audience = expensive prices – no one has yet mentioned that the lenses cost more than the body and we readily accept that – so I do get where you are coming from but I think that these sorts of products will still only see small return as they are over priced for the market. I can buy a 48″ LED TV for less than these, see what I’m talking about?

            It’s like cycling, in recent years its gone crazy popular and there’s people out there with money to spend so suddenly we’re finding a whole new market because businesses have cottoned on to how much they can sell a bike for. £3000 isn’t unexpected for a decent mountain bike with disc brakes, suspension etc – but for the same cash we’ve had those ‘luxury’ items on dirt bikes for years and the prices are no where near as ridiculous and we get a whole engine with hours of engineering work thrown in. These small DSLR product manufacturers think they have found a niche market with film crews with a lot of expendable product purchasing cash – bump up the prices cos the product is worth it! Come on, really?

  • nothing to worry about, soon there will be an alternative copy of this from China.

  • I’m surprised no one’s talking about the new Marshall line of monitors V-LCD56MD and V-LCD70MD. I would rather go with a company that specializes in monitors and has the experience to back their products.
    What’s nice about the Marshall monitors is that they have dedicated buttons and knobs. They’ve also added a waveform feature which I think is a big plus as well.
    The panels are probably the same but I think it’s the company that makes the difference in terms of quality and reliability.

  • MARK GEORGEFF on 09.6.12 @ 3:26PM

    Really??? 900 to 1000.00??? What the heck is this crap? Just as good of products out there for half the cost. Do any of these corporations have any idea the digital age we live in…and the competition that’s radically changing every few months? Guess not. Sorry to those millionaire filmers on this site for my rant.

    • Curious where you’re buying a 1280×840 IPS panel 5″ monitor with HD-SDI and HDMI passthrough, wave form and vectorscope for $550, name-brand, good quality or not.

      What with you living in “the digital age” and all, I’ll expect to see a couple links in short order.

      • Zan the company that makes the Ikan product and the ilogos monitors, has all the features as above and are selling a just released fully featured 7 inch monitor for trade USD600
        Very clean product with two year warranty I can’t see the Small hd products growing too much in the future, simply no longer competitive,

      • GOLDEN SUN ELECTRONIC DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is the factory site GX7i is the monitor we have purchased leaves the small hd for dead.