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In-Depth Q&A with Blackmagic About the Cinema Camera, and an Update on Shipping Status

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If you’ve had any lingering questions about the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, like the reason for the current design and the possible future of the product line, we now have most of the answers. Clayton Burkhart over at cinema5D spoke with a member of the Cinema Camera development team, Soren Phillips, about the camera and the reasoning for many of the choices they made. The questions range from codecs, to the body design, and even to the sensor choice and capabilities all in this 24 minute video.

Thanks to Sebastian at cinema5D for the video and the link:

Here is the update on the shipping of the current EF mount camera if you’ve chosen to stick with that model (instead of switching to the MFT mount model):

Blackmagic Design has been overwhelmed by the fantastic response to the very first few customers that have received their cameras.  Naturally the question on everyone’s lips is when is more stock shipping? As you can understand the Cinema Camera is a highly advanced piece of equipment and therefore requires only the highest level of quality components. At this time certain components are coming into our factory slower than expected and as a result the manufacturing of units has slowed.  We ask that you please be patient with us as we are doing our best to get more stock flowing within the next few weeks.  In the meantime we are pleased to announce that our engineering team has not been resting and we have more features and updates coming to the next free firmware update.

This is surely going to be disappointing news for many who have wanted to use the camera in the next month or so, but as with any company who is building a camera for the first time, these things do happen. This is not unlike the introduction of the RED One and RED One MX, and the delays that accompanied those cameras. At some point in the next few weeks we should be seeing the camera start to ship in volume, but at this time they seem to be at the mercy of those who are building the parts they need. It’s very possible that this could be sensor related, as this is the most complicated piece of the puzzle to get in the volumes that Blackmagic needs.

If there are any changes in the shipping status, we’ll be sure to update you.




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  • this camera is never coming.

  • Sigh. Still a great camera but they seem to have picked a bad time to leave customers waiting. All these new cameras being released and announced and they (BMCC) are sort of yesterdays news. Seems like your “window of relevancy” is much smaller now than it was even a year ago. Need to strike while you have the interest of the public or risk them moving on. It’s unfortunate and I may be totally wrong, but the “pulse” of blog/indie world HAS moved on.

    • True, to an extent. Now that all the latest cameras are on the table, the judges (buyers and users) need to get these devices in their hands, shoot with them, dissect them, and report back. I don’t reckon any company will want to break this pattern at the moment and introduce something new for the next few months, risk alienating and overwhelming the public with way too much gear. BM is still in the game, but perhaps did jump in at the wrong time.

      • For sure. IMO they are still the winner in this barrage of camera announcements. I just know others were on the fence to begin with (sensor size, battery, media) and this is as good as making their decision for them.

    • Agreed… hell, I’m back in love with my 7D again… ;)

    • Jeffakwante on 09.19.12 @ 1:45PM

      Not 100% true, I get what you’re saying though. Sure the “honeymoon” effect of the news about the camera is over, but it still stands as a great option and better for a lot of people like my self who need the RAW.

  • Stu Mannion on 09.19.12 @ 12:32AM

    So to save me watching 24 mins are the MFT mounts going to be electronic or dumb? Also will the canon mount have proper iris control coming in a free update?

  • i wanna see what the good ppl from red has to say about this cam

  • This company is astounding. Solid answers, humble and listen to their customers> Kudos!

    • I’ve not seen the same thing from the other camera company’s. Details to me were all shrouded in mystery.

  • Amazing Camera For the price … Red scarlet was a dissapointment ,,, This is perfect camera from a amazing company with great quality … I am impressed by BMD customer care .. they are so friendly Not like RED

    “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude”

    Seriously ? when i read this statement I was like ” this company isn’t trust worthy”

    • Johnny Unitas on 09.19.12 @ 8:02AM

      I completely agree. RED customer service, and their attitude in general, is completely shit. Their arrogance will come back to bite them in the ass…oh wait, it already did with the Scarlet 3K for $3K…

      • lol business seems fine over at RED, I wouldnt worry about them

      • john jeffreys on 09.19.12 @ 11:55AM

        thats funny because people that actually own red’s claim that their customer service is the best in the world. i heard you get your own personal representative that handles all your requests/problems

        • RED’s actual customer service has been spectacular, in my experience(s). Stunningly so. Completely unlike any other company I’ve dealt with. On the other hand, there’s been some big public moments in the past where people have said not nice things about RED (rightly or wrongly) and RED has been not very nice back. It’s certainly not a typical company, and maybe that’s a good thing most of the time :)

  • Had a go with one of these yesterday. A bit underwhelming honestly – very awkward in use, especially hand-held, even with a shoulder rig. And you’ll really need an EVF or monitor – it was really difficult to see the screen in bright sunlight. But remember all the controls are on the screen at the back so you’ll need to be built like Zaphod Beeblebrox to see what’s going on. Not so much of an issue if you’re not shooting solo, but still very limiting.

    The picture was really nice and there was a colorist on hand demonstrating Resolve…on a Mac with several high-end Quadro GPUs and a swish control surface (ie all very much +++£££/$$$). Apart from grading in post, there is no way to play with the picture: no equivalent to DSLR picture profiles or a facility to change or load LUTs into the camera, or batch apply them in metadata which your NLE can recognise.

    This could surely be achieved with a plugin – like the way that Photoshop handles raw stills files, or how Cineform. I’d guess most users won’t shoot raw all or even most of the time, so this is quite a gap.

    Also the rep suggested there is a lot to come in software upgrades with a number of possibilities such as the above or control via iOS or Android, but it’s early days. Hardware development in a lower priority. He was frank about ergonomic short-comings – cable ports on the left side in front of the operator’s face(!), no assignable buttons, no built-in wifi. You will wait a long time for those, was the impression given.

    And the slow shipping is due to BM waiting on component supplies from one (or a couple of) manufacturers upstream.

    But hey, it’s cheap right? Hmm

  • Not much – it’s only a couple of inches deep. I’m sure there are options to get better shading (diy?), but you need to be able to touch the screen of course. Or stay indoors. Or only film at night.

  • When I first heard of this camera I was stoked! But what I see as the greatest advantage to this camera is raw. Then I thought if I even needed raw and do I have the storage to keep these huge files, and I really have neither the work that requires it or the storage. So after debating this camera I’m holding on to my 5D3 even though I regret my decision. I’m looking into the Sony line up now the A99 and the vg900. Very exciting time for camera ops and cinematographers.

  • I thought the same thing. I have no doubt that, all things being equal, IQ out of the BMCC will be superior. But how much better and will it be worth the compromises and cost of the extra gear it will need? I’m starting to think for my needs the GH3 or A99 might be the better option.

  • I think people really have to stop whining and complaining. What BM has done is design a camera that none of us could have could have thought about owning for under 10k. Why this mount, why that sensor? it’s all very annoying. If you don’t like something about it and you don’t want to adapt, then save up for a scarlet or Alexa.. good luck with that.

  • Between PB’s and the comparison below, a camera decision at this price point should be fairly easy.

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