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Enter the Shot on RED Film Festival, Winner Receives a RED SCARLET Camera Package

So you’ve shot a film on RED but you want to actually project that movie for an audience in 4K? With so few films actually being distributed in 4K, aside from renting out a 4K theater, what’s a filmmaker to do? Well, RED is answering that question with their own film festival, which will include both shorts and features from independent productions. The festival will be free to enter, but the deadline is approaching quickly, so you probably won’t have time to shoot something just for the festival if you haven’t done so already — though you can submit films that have already played at other festivals. Click through to read all of the details about the festival.

From Jarred Land on REDUser:

RED is proud to introduce the official first annual SHOT ON RED Film Festival, a showcase of short and feature length independent projects shot on RED cameras.

Held on December 4-5th in Hollywood, CA, this event is intended to bring together some of the brightest visionaries from all over the world, recognizing both the filmmakers and their work. 


  • 5 features
  • 20 shorts

Finalists will be notified on November 16th and will have the opportunity to see their films projected in 4K.


  • Ten finalist short features will be shown during a rotating two hour block


  • Top 5 films will be shown. will be incorporated into a reel that will be shown at the event


  • SCARLET-X camera package


  • The latest gear from SHOT ON RED Film Festival sponsors


Please email your SHOT ON RED Film Festival submission form to

Please provide a digital press kit (detailed in the form) along with your email submission form. 

RED will be accepting 4K film submissions for the following formats:

  • DCP
  • ProRes 422/444
  • DNxHD

These are the important dates:

  • Open for Submissions: October 25, 2012
  • Deadline for Submissions: November 9, 2012
  • Finalists to be Notified: November 16, 2012
  • Tuesday, December 4 (Short Film Exhibition)
  • Wednesday, December 5 (Feature Exhibition)

The films must be received by November 9th, so if you’ve got a long film, you’ll have to submit your materials fairly soon. If your film is under 15 minutes, you’ll be able to submit using their FTP server, but if your film is over 15 minutes, you’ll have to send an external hard drive (USB 3.0 is preferred). This isn’t the first time RED has done something similar, as they had a 4K Portrait Competition that displayed a number of films shot on RED at this year’s NAB. The winning projects were all shown on 4K displays around the REDUser event, with the top 3 getting a 4K projected cinema experience in front of the entire audience.

The amount of people that can afford a RED is certainly a minority among camera users (though a recent RED sale added a few more people to that list), but with so many cameras out there, renting is certainly an option for many productions.

Head on over to the Shot on RED site to read a little more about the project and check out the submission form. What do you guys think about this move? Is this a good thing? Do any of you have projects you are thinking about submitting?



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  • Julian Terry on 10.25.12 @ 8:09PM

    How far can i get lying about my t2i video being filmed on the red?

  • domenic barbero on 10.25.12 @ 10:31PM

    i dont think youll be fooling anyone when the screen in 4k.

  • What about 5d mark II footage? I have some shots mixed with the red one mx(main camera)
    exported with appleprores 4444, it looks good on a 2k projector, but at 4k, im not so sure

  • Wow so cheap, they could’ve made Epic the biggest prize.

    • I thought the same thing until I saw that it was free to enter. I’ve never seen a free-to-enter contest or festival that gave away something worth at least $15,000 (assuming that’s what they mean by package).

    • seriously? Cheap? no submission fee getting you work in front of a bunch of people in the industry and a 17K camera for top prize?

  • Any competition or festival that is free to enter is worth your while. Even if it’s small.

  • The window for submissions is very short in comparison to other festivals. Also, look at how much time they’ve given themselves to judge the films… This makes it feel like an on-the-whim marketing decision. If I submitted, I don’t know how I’d feel about judges having that amount of time to get the final selection together. Most film festivals are already too subjective in decision making, how does 7 days help with that cause?

  • Dana Yurcisin on 10.26.12 @ 8:17AM

    Rad. I was hoping for more opportunities for people with tons of opportunities. I don’t even know anyone who’s touched a Red.

    • You just need to find some local owner/operators…I don’t even own a DSLR, but I’ve shot Red several times because it’s so cheap to rent.

    • i completely agree, it’s a closed loop for the rich and privileged/production/rental house owners.

      “. . so you already need to own a RED cam in order to win another one? seems a bit backward”

  • The thing that confuses me is the feature length films section. If you shot a 4k film and finished to a 4k deliverable, I can’t imagine winning a Scarlet means anything to you. With the budget you’d need to do something like that I’d imagine the ~$15k for a Scarlet is a laughable prize.

    • People that put these big budget films together dont own cameras they rent. I think they’d love a free scarlet for personal use. I know I would.

  • Red is frustrated with the whole industry for not delivering in 4K so they make people deliver in 4K for them. I only think it will restrain a lot of the shorts in creativity since finalizing something in 4k is way more cumbersome if you were thinking in having any VFX or whatsoever.

  • RED seems to have lost it. The sole purpose of shooting a Short Film, is to let creativity shine, with monetary, time, and other constraints.
    Renting a RED (whichever model), defeats the very purpose of making Short Films. Jim (Jannard) may be raking in his billions, but, on principles, he’s WAY off the mark.

  • . . so you already need to own a RED cam in order to win another one? seems a bit backward :)

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