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New Cine-Style Lens for Your Arsenal: Samyang/Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Now Available

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Traditionally it has been difficult to get cine-style lenses with geared iris/focus rings and a declicked aperture unless they were PL mount or you took your favorite still lenses to a place like Duclos Lenses to have them cine-modded. Now we’re getting fantastic options like the Samyang/Rokinon Cine Lenses, which include an 8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, and now an 85mm, and are also measured in T stops to allow for more accurate exposure. CheesyCam took a look at the lens mounted on the Panasonic GH3, Canon T4i, Canon 5D Mark III, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Here is the unboxing of the lens, followed by the test:

The Samyang and Rokinon lenses are exactly the same, but they are just sold under different brand names — though both of them are available from most places. This is going to be a portrait lens for the Mark III, but it’s going to feel much longer on cameras like the T4i, GH3, and BMCC. On those cameras, the 85mm would feel like 136mm, 170mm, and 195.5mm, respectively, compared to full frame. These are becoming a legitimate set of matched lenses, and with minimal breathing, all that’s really missing is a 50mm to make this basically a full set for many situations.

The 85mm is going to run you $350, so considering you get a fast lens in a cine-mod package, it’s quite a bargain.

What do you guys think? Have any of you used the still version of this lens before? What about the other Samyang Cine lenses?


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  • I have the regular version of the 85mm Rokinon and I have to say its up there in terms of my favorite lenses for shooting video. I don’t have a follow focus yet so having the gear rings isn’t really a dealbreaker. However, I’d love to eventually have a full set of these Cine lenses. Rumor has it, Samyang/Rokinon will be releasing a 50mm f/1.4 in 2013.

    I’d love to see them round out the lens set with perhaps a 100mm or 135mm f/2 (presumably a 100/135mm f/1.4 would be too tough to pull off?). I’m kind of holding out for them to release their Cine lenses as a bundle including a pelican-stye case to keep them in.

    • a 24/1.4 was damn hard to pull off also, I think they might go fully monty and actually do a 135/1.4… would be glorious! Then they just need to go Macro and maybe zooms if they want to get crazy! Would love a new manual focus zoom, hate using AF lenses.

  • This is an awesome lens for the cost! But for 35 and 50mm options…nothing still beats the cine lenses from SLR Magic! T0.95 FTW!!!

  • My Samyang 85mm (stills version) test done over 3 years ago with the Canon 7d. (few shots with the Samyang 8mm too).

    Great lens for the money.



  • I got the stills version of the 85mm a couple years ago. To be honest with you, because the Sammy cine lenses do not have standard focus ring offsets (or diameters?), I’m not sure there’s such a benefit to paying more for the “cine” versions. As far as I know you can’t swap across them without adjusting your follow focus, matte box, lens support, etc. which on “real” cine lenses you don’t have to because the rings are all exactly the same offset from the flange and diameter. Which is part of why they are so huge, the other benefit being finer gradations for the 1st AC.

    And I actually don’t prefer these declicked iris rings. Why not? Because it isn’t repeatable! What if you have to reshoot your take. Are you f/2.8 or 2.5 or 3.0? Can you really tell on that short-throw iris ring? And how often is fading with the iris a good idea anyway? OK it may be a nice effect to have DOF and diffraction gradients in parallel with exposure gradients. But counter that with accidental turning of the ring on these. And not being able to use light meters precisely (because you don’t have detentes to calculate off).

    Plus the resale value can be lower on the cine version because stills photographers won’t be interested in them, and there are a lot more of those out there than us. And when you are running and gunning and just want to grab the lens (and why not, the focus ring is long-throw on these and well damped) you’ve got these teeth gnawing on your fingers. A simple removable follow focus strap works fine enough and costs like $10, far less than this cine markup.

    Yeah it looks official but it’s not a pro cine lens. They are good optics though and I do use most of their stills versions at times.

    • I have the 35 and 85 still versions as well and echo these sentiments exactly. Well put.

      • Same here, I got the 14mm Cine Lens and the follow focus I own won’t grab the gears because there is not enough room between the protruding lens hood, therefore I see myself attaching focus gears anyway… other then that I am very happy with it!

    • Clayton Arnall on 02.7.13 @ 11:22PM

      Ok… confused now. I’ve heard people say that a regular follow focus meshes right up to these lenses, and you’re saying it doesn’t? For example, oneriver media’s review says it does, just trying to figure out who’s right here:

  • The 2.8 14 mm for DX is a nice crisp lens, rigid. Little distorsion. One defect, the distances on the focusring do not match the actual focussing. I could imagine the cine set to be a good value for money too.

  • Mike Collins on 12.30.12 @ 5:30PM

    We have the 14/24/35/85 cine lenses from Rokinon and love them. They operate very smoothly and deliver lovely images across the board. Honestly for most of us the value in buying the 4 or 5, if you get the fisheye, is a no brainer if you want cine style lenses. You can get all of them for less than the price of a CP2 or one of the amazing cine primes from Canon.

  • I’m seriously considering a set of these lenses for personal and low-budget use. I’m just waiting for them to release a 50mm. Seems a little bit strange that they haven’t yet considering how popular that lens would be.

    • They’ve announced on their FaceBook page that they’ve got a 50mm in the works for release in 2013. I saw in a few comments that they may have a 10mm on the go as well, which would be siiiiiiiiiick.

  • Want!!!!

  • I shot most of this with the 85mm, excellent lens. the one thing that annoyed me was it wasn’t red ringed like the 35mm haha

  • I just ordered this for my 2x crop. There’s no native M43, so I’m getting the EOS version for my Kipon adapter. Nevertheless, the combination might be a bit large for a GH2, It should complement my 35/1.4 SLR Magic and Nikon AIS 50/1.2 declicked, and my Redrock ff.

    What’s missing in my gear arsenal for a 2x crop is a ‘normal’ or ‘wide’, maybe 15mm or 20mm. If I get impatient, I’ll buy the Voigtländer Nokton 17.5/.095 but it’s pricey because of the insane speed and I think it’s clicked, but not sure. I’d settle for a 1.4 for less, preferably cine, from the Rokinon/Samyang/Bower crew, since they all seem to derive from the same sweatshop.

    I don’t like clicks, I have enough Lumix lenses that change light abruptly when adjusting f stops.

  • Quick Question,,i am planning on getting a set of these Rokinon Cine Lenses,, i have a Sony FS100, Canon 7D, 5D and soon a GH3/Blackmagic Cinema Camera,,, Which is the Best mount for me to get so i could use these lenses with all my cameras through adapters? Nikon or Canon Mount?

    • I would go Nikon.

    • Nikon would be interchangeable with all of those +more(specifically Nikon but presumably others), but so would Canon.

      Unless you need to go PL mount also, I prefer Canon, Nikon models have reversed focus and aperture rotation which is really annoying to me. Some people can retrain their muscle memory quickly but I am not one of those people.

    • I use the EF mount Rokinons on an FS700 and GH2, as well as Canon bodies and I would recommend it just because it is slightly fewer adapters to keep up with. Also, almost every adapter I have ever used has a small amount of play in it. At least the EF mount versions will lock snuggly on your Canon bodies.

  • How important is a declicked aparture for movie making?
    The Stills version of the Rokinon lenses for Nikon come with a focus confirmation chip, the Cine versions do not have it. I’m wondering if the focus chip stills version with a lens gear attachment might be a better idea than the cine lens? Thoughts?

  • Nice review, but it would have been nice to see the the FOV of each lens at a set distance from you. What were the distances from you the cameras had to be moved to so as to enable the framing?

  • are they better only for video or also for photographs?

  • I have the Samyang 14,35 and 85 video lenses and a GINI Rig follow focus which just doesn’t want to work with the 85 and 14mm. I have the 35 on most of the time and the ff is set for that lens, it is not possible to get the lens gear to fit as the ff hits the hood or camera body depending where you have the ff main drive cog. It’s really annoying as I have the canon 5d mark III on a rig most of the time and really need it all to be interchangeable.