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Extended Behind the Scenes & the Sound Design of the Sony F65-Shot Sci-Fi Film 'Oblivion'

Oblivion, the new film starring Tom Cruise and shot on the Sony F65 by Claudio Miranda (with some RED EPIC for one of their practical effects), has only just launched into theaters, but we’ve got a tremendous amount of behind the scenes material already available online. The director, Joseph Kosinski, who was also at the helm for Tron: Legacy, wanted to use as many practical effects as possible for the film, and it certainly shows in many of the clips and videos available online. Check out the extensive BTS as well as an in-depth look at the sound design for the film courtesy of Michael Coleman and SoundWorks Collection.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

Some full clips from the film:

Here is an extended behind the scenes showing their process and the numerous practical effect:

All about the sound design of the film from SoundWorks Collection:

While it’s impossible to use all practical effects for the kind of scope they are trying to achieve with the film, I think doing as much in-camera as possible can definitely help ground a film in reality. M83 was bound to do the soundtrack for a large film like this some day, especially when you consider the style of the music videos off the newest album.

What do you guys think about the film? Has anyone seen it so far? Do you think the practical effects helped the film?


[via The Verge]


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  • I literally just came out of the theater from seeing it. The film looked beautiful as did the sound. I really enjoyed the production design but it’s main fault is not having a clearly structured script. It has a great first hour but crams a lot of stuff together near the end. I enjoyed watching it, I just would have liked to see this film either longer or less clutter. The film obviously has a massive scope and could’ve been done in multiple films but not like this. Really enjoyed the throwback feel and very much looking forward to the director’s next project. Hopefully, they don’t rush him on his writing.

  • Julian Terry on 04.21.13 @ 6:47PM

    I forgot to mention, the practicals really paid off. The blend from practical to cgi was seamless. Really hoping for a 4 hour behind the scenes treatment like they did for Prometheus. Looking foward to working on a project of this proportion in the future. Definitely a huge inspiration.

  • Personally thought the story/script was great. Score won it for me though. Oh and lighting a scene with projection! Holy crap thats a badass idea :)

    • honestly it makes me wonder what else you could do with the idea? Could you take a powerful old projector and project an image specifically “painted” on set? You could literally have a blank white photoshop document open while you are lighting the scene, then dodge and burn actual parts of the room. Although it would only be for extra texture, because surely it would be nothing compared to the studio lights. Even just using it to get the reflections you need seems like an interesting idea.

      • Yeah – I guess it’s like imaged based lighting in 3D but with live action. Really surprised I haven’t seen this idea used before (not to say it hasn’t been done before because I have no idea. I wonder what frequency the projectors are set to as to combat flickering etc though. Would love to give this idea a try :)

    • Way late on this thread, but I just saw this last night. Gotta agree on the script, I thought it was very well developed. I did have to use my own brain a little bit, but that’s the way I like it :)

  • Bland palette of colors, unimpressive set designs, looks and feels too much like it was shot on a set. Other than that…..

    But the picture quality really is nice. Oh, that I could afford that camera!

  • I felt like the bland set of colors was a stylistic choice, the director said himself he was aiming for “beautiful desolation”, I thought the colors were extraordinary.

    And building the Bubbleship to scale with functioning doors is unimpressive set design?

    Shooting on location in Iceland for multiple weeks is definitely shooting on a set… I don’t exactly see what you mean by that?

    I guess I just don’t see what more you could want, it seems like they went great lengths in this movie to not cut corners.

    • Couldn’t agree more with all your comments! It was the perfect colour tone for the vibe of the film. I have absolutely no idea what @gene is talking about haha.

      The scale if this film was huge! They did it with 100 mil too, which by todays standards is middle budget for this type of movie. I really liked the different take on an ET film, worked really well, there is some pretty deep plot points covered too.

    • I thought we were in the year 2012 not 1955. The scene when he was in a library and his foot gets caught in a trap looks like something from the 50′s, or a made for tv movie. About the colors? I guess people lose the desire for color in their houses in the future. The landscape is destroyed by war. Their desire for color in their living spaces and clothing must have been destroyed in that war too. The drab palette was overdone.

      • opppss, 2013, not 2012.

        • You comment with such absoluteness that you leave no room for differing opinions.

          One argument is that all of their housing and technology was built by the aliens, and it’s not outside the realm of imagination that these aliens don’t like a lot of color. On the other hand, people in the present and the past like that style. Read this essay published in 1913:

          I remember the events of the library scene but I don’t really remember the setting that well so maybe it proves your point, but an inclosed space underground could feel like a set even if it’s the real deal…

          I usually don’t get into debates on the internet, I feel like it’s a waste of time. But this was one of the first recent movie’s that I’ve been blown away by visually, from the blend of practical effects and CGI, to the score I thought it was amazing.

          Now the script itself I won’t defend, but it was good enough that I didn’t really mind.

          • The fact that they didn’t use green screen is good. I do like that. But, I expect more from a ba-gillion dollar movie. I don’t like to necessarily to see a world that someone else thinks is beautiful and didn’t have the larger audience in mind in the art design. It seems for the sake of their idea art. But it’s up to them.

            On the opposite side of that spectrum is Thor. The art design was fascinating and beautiful. When the movie ended I hoped to see Thor II. I definitely could have watched more of it.

            Though the camera takes fantastic images. Like I said above, I wish I could afford one. It’s beautiful.

            And I think you’re right, debates on the internet usually aren’t worth it. I didn’t think anyone would reply to what I said. And I don’t think I’m the only one that wishes the movie had been more colorful and visually interesting—at least in the house Tom Cruise was in , and his clothing. It looks too sanitized. But I know some people like that.

          • Agreed. Story was not “perfect” but who cares. Movie was too much fun and and such a sensory experience.

      • Did you even watch the extended behind the scenes? or the movie?

        What did you want? Over saturated exaggerated colour? It wouldn’t make sense for the film… to say it again ‘beautiful desolation’… thats the whole point… What about the punch of colour in the oasis Jack finds with the lake etc?

        • Art is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t feel like paying $15.00 to watch. I do expect more from Hollywood. Desolation is hard to make look beautiful. I don’t think they pulled it off. But that’s me.

    • I agree I’m pretty sure the tones they used were there to set a mood that fit the story. Leave others to their otherness don’t engage.

  • Gorgeous looking movie. Shit script, just like majority of modern Hellywood crapfests. Come the fark on, writers.

    • nigel Thompson on 04.23.13 @ 6:56AM

      Agree totally, but then again who wrote it ? Joseph Kosinski himself and William Monahan & Michael Arndt, . Sorry but the Direction was poor as well. The A list actors softened the blow as well. but poor directing

  • The critics got it wrong. Oblivion = mind blown. This movie rocks. The score is sensational btw.

  • The F65 is a beautiful camera ….. but this film was tooo slow, took way to long to get to the point and there was so much they could have done with it ……..

    Technically the film was perfect in my opinion. but the script and direction lack a lot.

    Only then i found out this guy directed Tron Legacy, BORING !!!!

  • Kosinski is incredible at blending practical and CG effects. While watching the movie, I had a hard time telling the two apart. As for the movie itself, I thought it was alright. Certain story elements awkwardly drop in and out of the movie, and most of the characters are left undeveloped.

  • Literally one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the past 5 years.

    I felt like I was sitting through a 3 hour funeral in a foreign language.

    The plot was so apparent and ridiculous.

    It’s basically a clumsy mash of Moon with Sam Rockwell and the Matrix only terrible and gruelingly long.

    Sorry just saw it last night and was absolutely miserable for the whole last hour.

    • I just saw it last night and was delightfully entertained the whole way through. Especially, the last hour.

  • I absolutely loved it. I cant remember the last time I enjoyed a film as much as that. Writer/director is a great combination for faithfully delivering the story.

    I’ll definitely be seeing it again while its still on the big screen.

  • Flash frame at 6:30 in the sound design one.