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Red Giant Introduces BulletProof: a Complete Offload, Prep, and Delivery Solution for Camera Footage

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You might hear us talk a lot of about workflows and post-production pipelines, but really what we are talking about is organizing the camera files you get on-set, backing them up, organizing, transcoding, and applying basic color correction. Red Giant, who makes the Magic Bullet suite of programs, is introducing a brand new program called BulletProof that “bridges the gap between camera and editor.” Click through for more details.

Here is a little bit more from the landing page on BulletProof:

BACKUP: Offload your files.

Select clips from cameras/cards, then import into a catalog with backup.

ORGANIZE: Organize Your Files.

View the whole catalog, and sort clips with folders and playlists.

REVIEW: Review Your Files. 

Play individual clips to check their color, quality, and consistency.

COLOR: Edit Color and Metadata

Apply first-pass color adjustments and add helpful metadata

DELIVER: Deliver Your Files.

Queue and export the clips as transcoded project-ready media.

While the NLEs can handle some of these tasks, it looks like Red Giant is trying to come up with a complete workflow solution to get your files ready and organized for post-production. We don’t know much else about the program yet, but they are planning on giving the full details at NAB next week.

You can, however, sign up for a free beta right now on the Magic Bullet site, and it will likely be available sometime after the announcement.

Link: BulletProof — Red Giant


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  • Already signed up for the free beta. I’ve been leery of anything announced today – being april fools and all, but this looked pretty legit.

  • Awesome. I was looking for a software similar to Aperture, but for videos

  • This is a really good idea, but a beta for software that is supposed to organize and make backups of my camera originals makes me awfully nervous…

  • I’d love if Red Giant can ease the workflow of using AVCHD on a Mac. Fast background transcoding to ProRes would be welcome.

  • The more professional and industry standard version of this is called “Shotput Pro”

    • All Shotput Pro seems to do is copy and organize tapeless media. Am I missing something? This plugin from Red Giant is claiming to do a whole lot more (transcoding, color, metadata etc.)

      • Shotput Pro has integration with some other components, like ProxyMill etc. for metadata and proxy transcoding.

  • FCPX has all those built in.

    • FCPX not only doesn’t previde secure back ups it doesn’t allow you to pick where your files end up or to what codec you want to transcode your videos to.

      • And (obviously) it only works with FCP X, which many of us don’t use.

        • Well that would be something you need to change. ;)

          So this is a RedCine-X style Application in a way.

      • What is a secure backup cause it does do Backups. And so far I can choose where to put my files.

  • I like the concept, but I wonder how it handles Metadata. If it supports Adobe’s XMP, I’m on board – seems like a step up from Prelude’s ingesting workflow – if it doesn’t, I’ll stick with Prelude.

    I know it’s important for some workflows, but for me, the ability to add color while ingesting just isn’t a feature I care about.

    • Wait for the full details but I’m betting you’ll be on board. ;)

      • Sweet! I’m hopeful. We have to work pretty hard to keep project footage, evergreen media and masters easily organized at work, so I welcome new solutions to make this easier and better. My hopes are on Adobe doing something great with XMP, but we will see.

  • It would also be great if they have the ability to shoot tethered straight into the catalogue when working in the studio. Ideally I would like to see a program for video that works like lightroom for stills.

  • Seems like this solution is made for FCP 7 editors who still need to transcode before they can edit. Curious how it stacks up against Prelude and adds value to the rest of the Adobe workflow.

  • August Anderson on 04.2.13 @ 11:50AM

    For small workflow systems, this could be awesome. But what I’ve found from doing commercial work is editorial doesn’t want (or trust) production with metadata and breakdown. Anyone remember FLEX files? Most places just threw them out.

    • August Anderson on 04.2.13 @ 11:51AM

      ugh, I just realized how Negative Nelly my post was. Especially with how cool I thought the product was.

      I’m gonna go drink some coffee and wake-up. *smack smack smack*

  • It will be great if a denoiser filter included with this software :)

  • I’m really looking forward to using this when the beta is released. I’ve been looking for a piece of software that does all these things for a while now.

  • I’m curious to know how this differs in practicality from Adobe Prelude. I don’t see anything listed as a feature that Prelude doesn’t do besides the “Basic Color Correction,” which sounds like a nothing more than a gimmicky way to market this product as different than Prelude.
    That’s not to say I’m not interested in the product, I just don’t see much of a hole in that segment of the market.

    • I guess this must be targeted more at FCPx and other non-adobe users?

    • Agree, I don’t see anything different from Prelude… maybe when they release the full version we will see, but then again, Prelude CC is on the horizon…

  • One of the Adobe guru’s who does a lot of RG work mentioned unofficially that this was on its way at a recent convention.
    Sounds like a real Prelude killer, which I force myself to use as there is not much else able to log and comment footage available on the market (except FCPX some might say – but that doesn’t help me, sorry).
    As a starter, the link below summarises some of the issues and limitations with Prelude, so I really hope RG can make their software work much better. Prelude is in Version1, it has so many limitations and could be a lot better.
    The future is metadata and dealing with massive amounts of data capture. Mantra = Cards are cheap, let’s capture more… well great unless you have to spend hours going through footage to find the good bits.
    I am really interested to see how this’ll work; has the potential to be amazing.
    Jack of all trades, master of none…?

  • I’m looking forward to seeing some competition in this space. Prelude is weak enough to not really be worth incorporating into the workflow, but the alternative is using a hodgepodge of tools and NLE features. I hope that Bulletproof is either the toolset we need or that it pushes Adobe to up its game and offer a more meaningful feature set.

    Or both!

  • Have you Seen this:

  • Thanks for highlighting this interesting product from Red Giant. As a one-man-production band this could save me a lot of grief in editing and keep the boss a lot happier. I’ve signed up for the beta…can’t wait to try it out on my next shoot!