As we’ve covered in the past, one avenue in which AI could be most beneficial to filmmakers perhaps might not be in the realm of production or post-production, but rather pre production.

If you’re someone who was open to experimenting with text-prompt generative AI models like Runway or Midjourney when they first came out, you might have tried to use these AI image generators to come up with rough storyboards—or at least inspiration—to help guide your projects.

Well, if that is your bag, you might be even more interested to check out this new Mootion Storyteller’s Input Content Control which aims to allow creators the ability to generate storyboards either from ready-made scripts or from simple text prompts.

A Look at Mootion

If you aren’t familiar with the name, Motion is an AI-native content creation platform that—like most AI platforms and models in this space—aims to unlock creativity in the digital realm for everyone and overall democratize content creation.

This, in truth, is something that AI does well as many of these new models and apps are accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. However, only time will tell how much these tools will ultimately save for creators vs cost in other ways perhaps.

We’ve covered Mootion in the past when they launched their text-to-3D motion tools as a Discord-based option for virtual filmmakers. They now have a website and platform that offers AI animation generation and 3D creation.

Mootion Storyteller

Now Mootion has launched a new platform called Mootion Storyteller which offers Input Content Control that supports two input methods. The first method is a text-prompt method where users can enter a single sentence outlining their project. The second method is to upload a full script.

From there Mootion Storyteller will let your creativity flow by creating a full storyboard with scene-by-scene breakdowns and—from the looks of it—AI-generated images and possibly animations.

You can check the full preview below.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in this AI-assisted technology and want to be among the first to experience this Precision Pose Control available to all users on Mootion’s plans, you can join the waitlist here.