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These RAW Video Clips Will Make You Want a Canon 5D Mark III (Unless You Already Own One)

Canon 5D Mark III Hack Night SampleThe Canon 5D Mark III has become a true cinema camera. That’s a bold statement, but some of the footage that is currently being shot with the new 14-bit RAW Magic Lantern hack is absolutely night and day when compared to 8-bit H.264 footage recorded in-camera, and there is no doubt it rivals much more expensive cameras just in sheer image quality. We’ve got some impressive samples from cinema5D, Luke Neumann, as well as a few others below. Click through for the head-exploding videos.

Check out Luke Neumann’s first test with it, and if you want to download some original DNG files, head on over to his website:

Here is an impressive comparison by , taking a look at the hacked Canon 5D Mark III, unhacked Mark III, and the GH3 (night footage shot at ISO 1,250):

Here is a larger frame grab of the night shot (click for larger, you can also download both videos from Vimeo to see the full 1080):

Canon 5D Mark III Hack Night Sample

Here is a sample from cinema5D (you can also find DNGs on their site):

There are a few bugs to work out at the moment, especially since this is so early in the life of the hack. Right now there is no audio in-camera and clips are limited to 4GB (which is about a minute of footage), but the focus has been on actually getting it working and stable before moving on to the other issues. The 4GB limit is not actually even a hardware limitation, it’s just the way the code is at the moment, so we will definitely see longer clip lengths. For the best quality, 1000x speed cards are recommended, like the Lexar 1000x cards (some people have also recommended the Komputarbay 1000x cards, but I have no history with the company, so you’ll have to take someone else’s word for it).

Many have been asking about different cameras. Unless you’re a tester, you’ve just got to wait it out and see what will happen. I know it is working on cameras like the 5D Mark II and T3i, but none of them are currently able to do the full 1920 x 1080 (and they may never be able to), with the T3i coming in much lower resolution. Card speed is really the issue for any of the cameras that are SD card only, and it may never be possible to get results anywhere near what the Mark III is currently getting.

If you want to try it yourself, it’s definitely not an easy process getting ML onto your camera, so I would suggest most people wait until Magic Lantern releases a complete build, which I imagine will happen in a matter of weeks. Magic Lantern has a forum dedicated to workflow, and cinema5D also put together their own guide for those adventurous folks who would like to try it out.

Stay tuned as we will have much more on this, including what this might mean for you and other camera purchases.



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  • It’s kinda sad that ML has to release this significant update to the MKIII, while Canon is stuck on their “meh” clean HDMI-out.

  • +1000 for the ML team… 5dmkiii is now a BEAST!!!!!!!!

  • when they say raw do they mean like raw photos or red raw where you can change the iso and white balance or is it baked in? i feel like with this hack its more or less “uncompressed” or “14 bit” i feel like raw is just such a hot word right now and means alot of different things. other people might be talking about this but im to lazy to dig through threads. just an idea. none the less the footage looks great.

    • This is RAW. Full uncompressed RAW data from the sensor. RAW like Canon .cr2 files that you would use for photos. You then convert them in post to Cinema DNG for use in a video. There is a fairly intensive post process with this implementation. At least that’s what I am understanding from all the posts. So all the adjustments that you can do in, say, Lightroom or Photoshop to a RAW still photo, you can do to these images.

    • What I am curious is if there is any chance of this coming to the 7D. I know it took a long time to hack it’s dual digic processor and all that but none of the articles I am seeing about this every mention the 7D. As i understand it Magic Lantern is working on the 7D now (thanks to g3gg0, I believe). What are the chances moving this feature?

      • It’s likely possible on all of the Canon cameras, the question comes down to card speed and whether it can deliver the full 1920 x 1080. I think you’ll just have to wait a bit, there will be testing with the 7D very soon I’m sure.

  • I’m seeing a lot of aliasing unfortunately.

  • I was really close to getting a MFT still and the BM pocket camera, glad I saw this, might wait a few weeks to make the best decision. (Comparing convenience, price and quality)

  • This is amazing, I believe along with the people I work with, say this is going to mix things up. Though not to be greedy because we are more then happy but we would like to see
    -Better User Interface for start and stop
    -Playback of Clips
    -25 and 30p would be nice.

    The one thing that came up when we were talking was how this will impact other camera sells, and we dont think it really will much, except one. The Canon 1DC. With this you can take the Raw and upscale it and it looks just as clean as the 4K files, now that is to our eyes when we zoom in. The 4K has a little more detail but we are happy to take RAW over just a little more detail. What do you guys think?

  • Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Images look great but at 4gb a minute you better start buying a lot of CF’s and HDD. Plus a new computer.

  • Is there any workflow available for RAW for Sony Vegas? I think it’s about time I switch to Premiere.

  • Rodrigo Molinsky on 05.14.13 @ 1:58PM

    So, how about dynamic range? With 14-bit raw, how many stops the files can get?

    • I would guess you get a stop in the highlights and 1-2 in the shadows. Curious to know for sure myself though.

    • You can put 50 stops in a 4-bit file…the bit-depth determines the *fidelity* of that dynamic range, which in turn determines what you can do to the image without losing smooth creamy transitions in tones and gradients.

  • black magic camera vs 5d mark 3 raw with 14 stops of dynamic range

    • Rodrigo Molinsky on 05.14.13 @ 2:15PM

      The 5D file has 14-bit, but I don’t think it has 14 stops of DR. I think the stills got 12 stops, but not sure.

      • On DxOMark sensor rating, the 5D Mk III get 11.7 EVs DR. The D800 gets over 14 EVs of DR.

        Please ML, won’t you make your next project the D800? :-) I’m certain that many of of us D800 users with donate to Kickstarter to help ML fix the Nikon D800.

    • Good link, thanks for sharing.
      To my eyes, in the above video it actually looks kind of like the BMCC has more chroma noise but less dynamic range (look at the gravel path on the hill in the first shot for signs of both).
      So, interesting trade-off. This hack puts Canon back on my radar for now, I actually left them behind last year and the only thing I’ve missed until now is the ML community.

      • Oops, I meant BMCC has more chroma noise AND more dynamic range (while the 5Dmk3 looks to have less chroma noise but also less dynamic range).

    • What I get from that test is this: If you own a 5D it’s better to just invest in CF cards and HDDs. If you don’t the BMCC/BMCC4k is better due to convenience and ProRes.

      The margin is narrow now, but I think the BMCC is still the more video/film friendly camera.

  • Just curios, are they doing this with the new firmware just released or is it the older version?

  • You gotta see Andew Reid’s footage. Insane:

  • Quite impressed by this but I would rather go black magic if you could.
    The aliasing is sooo heavy.
    Is that because of youtube compression more Im wondering?
    Because that would be a big no for me.
    Even so, well done to the ML team!

  • Still prefer to BMCC look

  • vincegortho on 05.14.13 @ 2:25PM

    What kind of machine is recommended to edit raw?
    Can you play raw files in real time before rendering?

  • I can’t believe there are complaints about a 100% free to use firmware hack enabling such a powerful feature. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but come on, people…

  • I think it’s incredible that all these youtubers cries about no audio and other controls. they don’t realize that the magic lantern team is working really good & hard to improve a tool that extends the possibility every canon camera user and every poor film maker. For God sake, people you can still use the h264 codec to shoot your holiday & wedding videos… if you don’t want aliasing or you need audio, get a real videocamera and shut the f+++ up.

    • Kenzo, I don’t think anyone is “crying” over anything. Mostly thinking out loud. Obviously this is a huge breakthrough on many levels. People are allowed to voice their opinions and concerns, right? Who are you to belittle them or tell them to “shut the f+++ up?” What I find incredible is how worked up people get over a piece of equipment.

  • My only complaint is that Cinema5D says you only get roughly 15 minutes per 128GB on a CF card. Those run a little under $200 right now if you go with the Komputerbay 128s. Do you think this time/file size ratio will improve?

    • Of course it will, with every year that goes by the price of media storage drops :-)

      (this largely the reason why they can do this NOW and not say when the 5DmkII was first released, cards this fast either were waaaaaaaay too expensive or simply didn’t exist)

  • Looking great, will be interesting to see how far they can take it. One thing I’m wondering about is has anyone tested how much more heat is this kicking out in comparison?

    • AdamS, that concerns me too. There was a tester on the forum that said “My camera gets warm and the CF card is warm too. Getting me worried since this is my main camera for stills. I haven’t had it get warm before when recording H.264 files. I’m trying it out but I’m always checking to make sure it doesn’t melt down on me…” Hmmm. Michael Sutton has also posted concerns on Twitter regarding camera meltdowns.

      • This guy. If ever there was a Canon mouthpiece.

        • I think he’s actually looking out for the 5D III owners. He said if your 5D III is expendable then go for it. He also seems to hint that Canon will be offering RAW video in 2 years?? “If you knew what I knew you would not hack your Canon. Enjoy what you have. It is going to get crazy in a year or two. #intheworks” – from his twitter. I have NO IDEA how connected he is, though.

          • OK, so let me redraw this situation in a different scenario.

            You own an older Ford F150. A local mechanic finds out an easy way to modify the engine and turn it into a hybrid (bear with me)…FOR FREE.

            You take it into the shop and as you walk in the door someone stops you.

            Man – “You DO realize that Ford is going to be coming out with an F150 hybrid truck…don’t you”?

            You – “That’s neat, I guess. Can’t I just turn my old one into a hybrid?”

            Man – “Pssh. Don’t go whining to Ford when it breaks down! Me? I’m going to wait two years for the real thing”.

            You – “Good for you.” (sarcastic pat on the back).

          • vinceGortho on 05.14.13 @ 5:13PM

            Doesnt work. What if the hybrid f150 has an overheating issue?
            Shooting with the basic h264 video on a shortfilm and we had to keep waiting for the camera to cool down.
            Innovation is great but there are things to consider. Some being detriments.

          • I didn’t have any overheating issues. I think if someone tried to mess up their camera they could. I personally wouldn’t let it sit there and record raw for 5 straight minutes, but who would do that anyways? In shooting raw you tend to be a little more frugal if only because you don’t have as much space.

          • Luke, how do you know you’re not slowly (or even quickly) killing the sensor? You don’t, and you won’t know until it’s too late. Again, if your 5D is expendable, shoot away (RAW) at your heart’s desire! Cheers

          • From A1ex (if you don’t trust his word…then I don’t know what to say).

            “Sensor works exactly the same as it does in normal live view. The raw stream was always there. Most of the heat/extra weight goes to the CF card”.

            • Yep, others in development have talked about this, too. I mentioned this to people early on, that the sensor isn’t doing any extra work.

          • “Image processor is being used less than it is when shooting H.264″.

          • He may have some good points, but he’s being awfully aggressive about it. The way he’s talking sounds a lot more like sticking up for Canon than sticking up for the consumer.

          • @luke – Exactly. Saying to wait two years for Canon to release a raw shooting full frame camera? That’s your honest opinion?

  • I’m reading that this should also work on Mark II, but not at 1080p… what resolution does work then?

    Also, can anyone point me to a guide of how the workflow should work for this? Can you cut with these file in a NLE before messing around with the raw parameters?

    • It is actually possible. I’m testing right now, but the problem seems to be the buffering. they already managed to allow double buffering. I’m using a 600x card… I think the controller can handle the data for 1080p. I think in the next days we will have it fully functional on MKII.

      But 720p already managable… FullHD seems too without dropframes… Just needs a 1000x card

  • Frederik O. on 05.14.13 @ 3:06PM

    What a insane development, who could have foreseen that.

    Check out the first Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs. 5D Mark 3 Raw test:

  • I own a GH2 and I like it but the hack talk always seemed a bit over hyped. Yes some clips look great but for most shots the difference is quite subtle.

    In this case the hack is, without a doubt, jaw dropping. This is like a different, much better, camera made using the Canon sensor and ciruits and ML programming. To add 2-3 stops of DR and substantial detail basically turns the 5D3 into a BMCC except with more features.

    I don’t subscribe much to the conspiracy theories about Canon. But it is really interesting how Magic Lantern have basically turned the 5Diii into exactly the camera all the DSLR acolytes were clamoring for before it was released. Full frame raw with 2-3K resolutions. Canon goes from having no answer to Black Magic to being in exactly the same market as the BMCC and BMPC, but with many features people already like or are used to. Plus it now has custom resolutions perfect for anamorphic or telephoto work!

  • This is extremely impressive relative to what the camera was capable of out of box. I’m still not totally sold though.

    Compared to the Blackmagic Pocket camera (assuming it actually ships this summer), it seems like the hacked 5D’s advantages are in sensor size and (probably) low light, but the pocket camera would be a better choice in terms of price and not needing to use unsupported code.

    The hacked 5D seems like it could cannibalize the C100 more readily than it could compete with the Blackmagic cameras due to the fact that it outputs raw files, but the C100 presumably still captures a bit more detail due to its sensor.

  • i would really like to see the footage you are all talking about. but sadly i´m in china and due to the chinese firewall, youtube and vimeo is blocked. could somebody upload a video for me, or send it via wetrasfer. that would be great…

    • Just imagine BMCC footage but with a teeny tiny bit less detail but better low light/noise performance and about the same DR.

  • There is something about all these 5DMKIII RAW videos that still looking “DSLR-rish”…

  • Amazing! I won’t be adding a Mark III to the roster any time soon, but this type of innovation is just good for all of us.

  • Isn’t 4GB surely a limitation of FAT32? I assume that ML’s way around this will be to implement a file-chunking process where (past a minute) the camera continues recording but implements .XML information to tie your timecode together — similar to how the Canon XF300′s and C300 works.

    Good process, and a huge, huge improvement, startlingly so.

    • For MKIII they could allow the exFat in the code then bypassing the limit, but for MKII is another problem since the controller works only in FAT32 mode… So I think We’re stucked on 1min video on MKII…

      But who knows…

  • Ruslan Randzhabar on 05.14.13 @ 4:06PM

    The funniest thing – if it it works with 5D2, it means we got full frame camera capable of RAW video in 2008…

  • This might seem like a stupid question but is it possible to re-compress this signal they’ve found into something like prores or a high quality compressed codec before outputting on the card? It would be handy to have beautiful sharp, even lightly compressed video also.

    • I don’t think so, the reason they can get the raw “codec” is that they don’t have to compress in camera.
      The way it works now (i think) is that the camera writes a data file (without compressing it) to the card so that the pc can do the processing part.

      • Exactly. They can’t even write the RAW stream in standard DNG files because that requires a byte order swap (if you receive 18-3F you write 3F-18) and they don’t have processing power to do that in real time. So they write in the camera’s order and then in the PC their software rearranges the data and adds standard headers and footers.

    • I’ll happily admit that I have no idea how the guys at Magic Lantern are doing this but I’m really glad that they are!

      Going in from your question Kev, does anyone know if the hack would alter the way that the camera would output the uncompressed signal through the HDMI port? Would there be any way to take advantage of the new-found high res and dynamic range but output the signal by HDMI to an Atomos Ninja or similar, to record Prores files externally (maybe even in 10-bit…hey, I can’t dream can’t I?!).

  • Like SaqirSaab mentioned, you guys should be sharing this footage as well, it looks great!
    (I recommend downloading the original file)

  • Stu Mannion on 05.14.13 @ 5:35PM

    Amazing. For people saying it beats the BMCC though the best feature of that camera for me is the ability to record high quality Prores. The workflow on this Canon raw is always going to be tough.

    I wonder if its possible to ever get playback working? Might not be. I had the funny thought that you could use an external recorder to make proxies for playback/offlining.

  • i said this on another thread, but i think it bears repeating: i would not TOUCH another firmware update from canon right now. i avoided the 1.2.1 after i read about canon sabotaging third party batteries … and basically stringing us along for six months … i’d bet my house they’ll try to build in a way to squelch the ML hack into an update … maybe even this current one.

  • Just confirms why I don’t want to own one. They’re too expensive for what they produce. There’s always a too-warm look to DSLR’s. But that’s just me. I know there’s people that want that. And it doesn’t look too warm to them. It looks awesome to them.

  • Its looking great but I still think the BMC beats it in visual quality. The color science of the BMC is right up there in Alexa territory for me…I cant say the same for any of the Canon Raw I’ve seen. Its nice, nicer than the compressed canon stuff…but not as nice as the BMC.

    Would love to see a side by side shoot out with canon raw and BMC raw.

    • You sure talk a good game, but I think it is mostly bs. How would you know that the color science is as good as Arri? BMCC footage doesn’t look anything like Arri footage. If anything, Arri footage looks more like what you get out of a DSLR. Where does your info on the color science of Arri and BMCC come from? Let me guess…

      • Skinny Pete on 05.15.13 @ 3:53PM

        “Arri footage looks more like what you get out of a DSLR”


        I love this website.

  • CARD REVIEW: can anyone vouch for these komputerbay cards ? amazon has 64gb 1000x udma 7 cards at $105 …. ?

    • My bet is they are rubbish – the 1000x and udma7 are meaningless specs. Lexar are the only ones currently that I’ve seen with cards that write at a fast enough speed to handle the canon raw. You basically need a guaranteed write of about 90mb/s. Sandisk 90mb/s is ruled out as the real world write speed is much much lower, around 60mb/s. Lexar advertises their cards to write 145mb/s but again in real world applications this drops to around 100mb/s depending on how you test them.

      So even the Lexar cards are ‘just’ fast enough to handle the data. Which is why you are paying the big bucks.

      • Not true – komputerbay cards are tried and work in the 1dc. However I can’t vouch for their reliability long term. At such a massive price difference I think is worth giving them a try.

    • I can vouch for the 128 GB cards but you have to test them out first. I’m using them to record 4k. I bought 6 of them, 2 of them wouldn’t register and the third one recorded corrupted media. The company replaces them no questions asked and the 3 that I have, have worked flawlessly for the last 8 weeks recording 4k material.

      • 3 corrupt cards…Yeah no not rubbish at all :-s

        That they work on your 1dc or to record 4k is completely irrelevant. Does you 1dc record at 90mb/s? does the 4k you record hit 90mb/s? The answer to both is NO so telling someone to give them a try on 5D raw because they work for you on some other obscure lowly data rate is simply a foolish recommendation.


        • No need to get your knickers in a twist :-) The Komputerbay cards are actually rated at 150MBs. I would test all electronic gear before using it for a job. This is what I did. The cards that worked have continued to work flawlessly, no dropped frames, no buffering etc. Just sharing info, you’re welcome.

  • Love the guys at ML!

    Thing is, is 14 bit really all that necessary? Isn’t 10 bit more than enough atm and for ML to focus on now rather than 14 bit which is a lot to work with for regular, budget workflows? I’m not knowledgeable on the process of coding such things, so I wouldn’t know how much easier it would be, it just seems that way to me.

    • 14-bit RAW is just what the Canon 5D Mk. III outputs normally. They’d probably have to put in more work and increase the load on the processor of the camera to reduce the quality.
      For instance, when you shoot still photos with the 5D Mk. III, the files are in 14-bit RAW.

      • Stills are shot at 14 bit RAW, but also JPEG, no? Or is JPEG using the camera’s processor for compression? It’s a bit inconvenient to only have the option of H.264 OR 14 bit RAW DNG…. for a hack though, I can’t exactly complain.

        • The JPEGs recorded by the camera are not 14-bit, though — they’re 8-bit. So, yes, when shooting JPEG images, the camera has to use its processing power to compress the image data to a smaller size, a lower level of quality, and to perform features like noise reduction.

          I agree that only having H.264 or 14-bit raw isn’t the most flexible set of options, but the work required to add a custom file encoding scheme into the flow of data being recorded for the hack would just be unfeasible.
          The raw files for this video mode aren’t encoded at all before being recorded — they’re just dumps of the raw sensor data. Even regular raw still photos shot from the camera have more processing and encoding done to them than this raw video does.

  • Just curious…. what are the odds of this 14 bit RAW hack being capable of utilizing the HDMI out from the new 5D3 firmware update? I think that a 5D3 with a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle would be a good duo, no?

  • ok guys but what about the heat? is this type of recording stress the sensor (and the Digi5 processor) more than the normal video recording does?

    Someone notice some aliasing issues, the problem is that a DSRL doesn’t have a low pass filter so, even if it records raw footage, aliasing remains.

  • Nasty rolling shutter aside it’s night and day better.

  • I wonder why Saad Rabia’s RAW footage was dropping frames. Must have just been his CF card because others don’t seem to do it. If dropped frames ARE a common occurrence, it would make the hack unusable.

  • Not for nothing, but the last video (the one sponsored by B&H has a jump cut at 36 seconds….

  • del8traceur on 05.16.13 @ 10:11AM

    I’m wondering how ML will work with the fastest cf card in the market I’m talking about Toshiba 1066x which is faster than Lexar 1000x. Anyone tried ?

  • I’d be really happy for a cinemascope-crop version for the 7D :)

  • We want these hack on the Nikon D800 !!!! Seriously, Please!!
    (not a native speaker)

  • Am not impressed.

    I have no clue why everyone is oooh-ahhh about RAW?
    Viewers can’t tell any difference (don’t give a shit) from the compressed out of the camera video from all this RAW and ‘grading’ stuff. This may impress other shooters but it’s totally meaningless for an audience. They just want to see a STORY told properly. I’ve been in this business for over 50 years and making movies are going down hill with getting more tech, VFX than actually a good story to be told.

  • cozmic dave on 12.19.13 @ 4:30AM

    Can anyone please advise me of the best and fastest memory card for raw video with my EOS 5d mark3?

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