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Watch 15 Glorious Minutes of BTS Footage from Neill Blomkamp's RED EPIC-Shot 'Elysium'

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch 15 Glorious Minutes of BTS Footage from Neill Blomkamp's RED EPIC-Shot 'Elysium' - nofilmschoolWe’re still waiting on that RED DRAGON footage, but in the meantime, how about some great-looking footage shot on the current RED EPIC MX? Even though Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium doesn’t open up in theaters for another week, you can watch a bunch of fascinating behind the scenes footage right now. You may recall Blomkamp’s name from District 9, which opened just 4 years ago (and was shot on the pre-MX RED ONE). Check out a trailer for the new film and a clip, and watch the BTS footage below.

The BTS footage seems to freeze a bit somewhere around 3 minutes, but it comes back later with synced audio:

I think it’s interesting at one point that you get a nice clean look at the monitor and they are shooting at ISO 800 and REDCODE 3:1. I know Prometheus and The Amazing Spider-Man stuck mostly with 5:1 (with some scenes at 3:1 at least for Prometheus), so it would be interesting to know if the whole movie was shot 3:1, or only specific scenes (because that’s a lot of data!). A lot has been said about how EPIC footage should be shot, with some choosing 800, and some choosing 320-640. Either way, even if there was a little noise, the movie is going through a ton of post processing that should remove anything unsightly.

What do you guys think? Who is excited for Elysium?

Link: Elysium — IMDb


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  • I’m so ready to see Elysium. Matt Damon owns the month of August (The Bourne Ultimatum anyone?)… and Elysium (knock on wood) should be a sizable hit in its own right. But enough talk, I’m watching the BTS now.

  • Loved every second of it. Looks almost like an Indie production at times too. Seems like everyone is loose and having fun on set.

  • Super great stuff.

    Can anyone tell me why during the shot sometimes they yell “Freeze”? Are they repositioning cameras and getting multiple shots all in one take?

  • Can anyone give me an idea to what kind of gun props they were using for the film? It’s as if they’re using real blanks, but God knows how much regulations stress not to aim and shoot it at anything within a 15 foot distance or something as the outward pressure still might cause damage. I suppose I can rule it out considering Matt was shooting point blank at the others and the camera.

    • it looks like they’re using a combination of blanks when further away and a special prop that shoots out smoke for closer shots, but I’m no expert…

    • Could be the types of blanks used in blank firing guns (or “movie blanks” as I think some people call them).

      • John Woo used blank firing guns imported from Britain for “The Killer” and “Hardboiled”. There are numerous scenes in those movies of the guns being fired directly at actors, sometimes within a few inches of their body.

        • Blanks come in varying strengths. Full loads, 1/2 loads, and 1/4 loads. When shooting near another actor usually 1/4 loads are used, which don’t make as much noise/have as much muzzle flash as say a full load does. I was operating once when the armorer forgot to put in 1/4 loads and I was getting shot at with full loads instead. Scared the crap out of me.

          • Scared you, hell, a full load pointed at your head can kill you if it’s too close. The military requires a deflector on the end of the barrel during training with blanks.

          • Back in the mid-80′s, an up-n-coming star named Jon-Erik Hexum discharged a blank from a 44 Magnum into his own temple during the shoot of a TV series called “Cover Up”. Dead at 26.
            Oh and the Elysium didn’t do all that well the opening weekend. $30M North America/$40M global ain’t too shabby but, given the film’s $115M price tag + marketing, it has to be considered disappointing.

  • That steadycam at 11:37 was ridiculous. I’ve never seen some-one through it around like that.
    And that bullet time rig looked pretty fun, sticking it on skaters is different.
    Really looking forward to this film now :D

    • LOL i was thinking about the same thing.. i saw that and thought “what the hell is that guy doing?”

    • Yeah he hit the other rig next to him! haha

    • i loved that! i think its very helpful to see how a camera operator works to get his shots. And its clear that was a very well planned sequence. More posts like this! :D

    • It’s the famous Steadi mating dance. Happens all the time.

      But on a serious note, I want to see how that shot ended up looking like.

  • That thing that vibrates the camera at around 14:00 when Damon is shooting the machine gun looks awesome! Can’t do that with a DSLR! lol