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Learn Some Simple Visual Effects Tricks From IndependentVFX

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Independent VFX Scale Model TutorialWith the visual effects industry in turmoil, perhaps it’s time to look to simpler solutions to our VFX needs. South Africa-based visual effects artist Scott Newman has released a new channel that is just that: simple VFX tutorials and tips that can be made on the cheap using Adobe After Effects. As a craft, for me, VFX work is often over my head, but these tutorials are very well articulated and easy to understand. Hit the jump for his first tutorial on using VFX with scale models.

Here’s the overview of the first tutorial:

And here’s the full tutorial (part 1):

For more videos, head over to Scott’s channel and subscribe. Do you know of any other good DIY effects channels out there? Please share them with us in the comments below!

Link: Independent VFX — YouTube


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  • It’s insane that the VFX industry is in so much trouble when so many films now rely on them not just for the wow factor but for plot and characters.

  • Your comment seems a bit confused.

  • George Lucas spent $60M of his own money (+$15M on marketing) on a cheesy looking, CGI laden “Red Tails”. This guy actually does a very realistic Mi-24 visual for peanuts. Which reminds me of Philip Kaufman’s genius “The Right Stuff, where they shot a miniature X-1 replica off a sling. That also looked real, despite being fairly cheap to make.

  • That was quite good actually… Would love to see some stuff on simple digital set dressing for run and gun stuff, changing the signs on a restaurant, swapping out posters for things in the story world etc.

  • It’s great to see some old school VFX that don’t rely on 3d rendering, oh hang on the rotor was rendered and tracked on after?

  • shaun wilson on 07.25.13 @ 9:16PM

    I dont get it… I deal with some of the major players in vfx and no one is in trouble, in fact, they’re expanding. Is this just a myth from disgruntle digital domain ex-employees or a donkey follows donkey approach from people who don’t know what they are talking about? Yeah I get it that DD collapsed and it had a ripple effect, but if we can look outside the US for a minute to the alternatives of ILM and Bad Robot, and life is pretty good.

  • Flip these are some of the best tutorials for AFX that I have EVER SEEN!

  • –> Do you know of any other good DIY effects channels out there?

    Andrew Kramer’s for all things After Effects.

    @James take a look at tutorial #112