It is hard to believe that Disney has officially been in this world for a century. While much has changed in the film and entertainment industry since 1923, we can learn a lot from what the company has accomplished over the years.

To celebrate this milestone, Disney put together a montage of its greatest moments. Check out the video below:

The 90-second montage had me crying as I remember why the House of Mouse has dominated the industry for years now. With their global reach, Disney has been a cultural influence in film, uniting us all through our shared experiences over moments in film and TV.

Sure, we might not love everything about Disney (mostly the over-saturation of the superhero genre with its Marvel Cinematic Universe), but we can't help but feel nostalgic for those impactful and empathic moments and the feeling of childhood that is evoked through Disney.

Disney isn't going anywhere soon. Instead, it will keep influencing the next generation of film lovers and serve as a stepping stone for indie filmmakers like you to break into the mainstream film industry (if that's what your goal is).

What is your favorite Disney film that was in this montage? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DiscussingFilm