8jpvzljssr21h6cvseoqufsyo1_400-284x197Up until now I've never really told the truth about my career as a graphic designer -- namely, that it was a complete sham. Sure, I'd dabbled in Photoshop once or twice in college and a few times as a corporate video producer after graduating. But everyone dabbles in Photoshop -- I'd certainly never had a job as any kind of designer. In 2005 my main goal was to start a film career in New York -- by any means necessary. It's a long story, but thanks to starting this blog I ended up going from unemployed in NC, living with my parents, to having my own place in Manhattan and working as a graphic designer at MTV. How? MTV was hiring graphic designers, so that's what I said I did. Now that I don't work there anymore, I can confess it was a total lie! I created a fake portfolio for the interview, and after I was hired I did Photoshop training on my laptop on the train every day to and from work using Lynda.com. I figured as long as they didn't give me anything hard in the first two weeks, they'd never know. A year later when I was designing a bunch of high-end web applications as a Senior Designer, no one was the wiser. Suckers!

Just wanted to share how I got myself to New York. Back to your regularly-scheduled content!