When I called for a moratorium on HDSLR, VDSLR, and other unnecessary amendments to the perfectly suitable acronym "DSLR," I didn't realize Philip Bloom had also run a similar poll. At least our results corroborate each other's:


Except, of course, he didn't have my "HDAFGASDSLR" designation, which was based on the presumption that if we're going to start adding on features like "HD" to the acronym, we might as well add every feature. Thanks to everyone who took the poll; the HDSLR is dead. Long live the DSLR! Which is now apparently in use on HBO's True Blood, although it could be for behind-the-scenes footage, crash cam use, or something else. Not that anyone needs more confirmation that the HDAFGASDSLR in-chief, the 5d Mark II, is a hell of a camera!