House-224x128The season finale of House was famously shot on a DSLR, specifically the 5d Mark II. FOX doesn't post full episodes online until 8 days after they air on TV, which is why the season finale hasn't been available anywhere -- until now. Here's the DSLR-shot episode in full:

[Editors note: Video has been removed since this post was initially published in 2010]

I watched this episode on TV and, in terms of the DSLR cinematography, and I thought they did a terrific job --specifically in how they control highlights (the overhead spotlight that roams most of the episode is totally convincing as a helicopter spotlight, yet the scene is always perfectly exposed and the bluish light rarely blows out to "electronic white"). Their camera switch was justified by the cramped underground setting of the episode (although I thought they could've gotten even more claustrophobic with the DSLR). From a writing standpoint, the episode also delivers, as the crux of House's character is that his dickishness makes him a better doctor. What would be worse, then -- being a bastard and being right, or compromising and being wrong?

After you've watched the episode here -- or if you caught it on TV -- let me know your thoughts. How did it look to you?