Profile_header-224x71As part of its Nonprofit Program, YouTube will be awarding grants to nonprofit organizations that have produced videos in the past year. Grants will be awarded for the Best Small, Medium, and Large Organization Videos, and there is a grant for the Best Thrifty Video as well (a video made for less than $500). The winning videos will also be featured on the YouTube homepage (a privilege for which for-profit corporations pay a lot more than $10k). Here's the video announcement:

And the official press release:

Beginning today, video submissions will be accepted until March 2, 2011 when a panel of expert judges will select four finalists in each category, which include Best Small Organization Video, Best Medium Organization Video, Best Large Organization Video, and Best Thrifty Video (for videos produced for under $500). Ultimately this year’s winners will be determined by the public. The YouTube community will have the opportunity to vote for the best videos among the 16 finalists from March 7th through March 11th. The winning videos in each category will be featured on the YouTube homepage (the nonprofit equivalent of an ad in the Super Bowl) and recognized at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 19th, 2011.

Here's last year's winner for Best Small Organization video:

If you click through to YouTube in the above video, there's a "donate" button directly beneath the video. If you're associated with a nonprofit, this should be a good opportunity to gain exposure for your organization -- regardless of whether you win a grant or not.

Link: YouTube DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards

[via Mashable]