March 17, 2011

Filmmaker Magazine Launches VOD Calendar for Indie Films

Independent films are too hard to find. Their theatrical runs are restricted to art-house cinemas in select cities, their availability on DVD at a local brick-and-mortar (either to rent or to buy) is never certain, and when they show up on Video-On-Demand, it's often only on one channel that might be located in the nether regions (channel 500 +) of your cable guide. Wouldn't it be nice if indie film fans had a central place we could go to find the films we heard about six months ago on the festival circuit -- but never had a chance to see? Now there is just such a central repository.

Filmmaker Magazine's channel-agnostic VOD Calendar is organized by month, offers synopsis and links to the official sites of listed films, and most importantly gives release date information for each listing. There's also a curated element, with a "pick of the month" listed up top (this month is the eye-opening doc Last Train Home). Here are the March releases; full calendar below.

Link: VOD Calendar | Filmmaker Magazine

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Thanks, Koo, for the post about this. We've been wanting to start a VOD section for some time, and this is our first step. At one point we thought we'd list every VOD release, but that soon proved overwhelming. But, over the next few months we want to push the curation factor, make the blurbs more personalized and specific, and then we'll see what it can grow into.

One thing that's a surprise -- getting detailed info about films' availability on different cable systems is still pretty difficult. Now that we're on people's radar, hopefully the information flow will improve.

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