Vod-calendar-filmmaker-magazine-224x92Independent films are too hard to find. Their theatrical runs are restricted to art-house cinemas in select cities, their availability on DVD at a local brick-and-mortar (either to rent or to buy) is never certain, and when they show up on Video-On-Demand, it's often only on one channel that might be located in the nether regions (channel 500 +) of your cable guide. Wouldn't it be nice if indie film fans had a central place we could go to find the films we heard about six months ago on the festival circuit -- but never had a chance to see? Now there is just such a central repository.

Filmmaker Magazine's channel-agnostic VOD Calendar is organized by month, offers synopsis and links to the official sites of listed films, and most importantly gives release date information for each listing. There's also a curated element, with a "pick of the month" listed up top (this month is the eye-opening doc Last Train Home). Here are the March releases; full calendar below.

Link: VOD Calendar | Filmmaker Magazine